Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bee Sting

Some people think my sister is very sweet. And she is. But like everyone in our family, she has a sort of mean streak. We call it “a sense of humor.”

She was really on a roll today. Just now, I called her for the purpose of finding out when she was leaving work so that I could plan dinner, because I’m very hungry. I told her that I’d been hungry all day, which is unlike me. Her response:

“Maybe you’re sick. Maybe you have a parasite . . .[then she added with an evil tone] a BUUUUGG.”

Then when I asked her twice what time she was leaving work, she said, “you already asked me that, grandma,” referring to my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s.

See? She's mean. Man, she cracks me up.


jes said...

so, did you ever find out what time she was leaving? i mean, if she didn't answer you, maybe you should respond to her, calling HER grandma, because she can't even remember the question to answer.

Ben said...

You COULD have a parasite though. A really looonnggg tape worm.

(We have a sense of humor in my family as well.) ;)

JLR said...

ben: haha! that so doesn't surprise me. The sense of humor part, I mean. I do not have a tape worm. Or if I do, it's not doing it's job, because I should be thinner.

jes: that's actually a really good idea, because she does have a bad memory. I bet if I told her that she never answered me, she'd believe me.

RR said...

Oh, now who's the mean one? :)

Deals On Wheels said...

She obviously went home around the 5:30 hour because she wasn't here. I should know. I WAS here. It was just me and the creepy, creepy dolls. Someone should check the video cameras sometime. They would definitely get a giggle. I wonder what I looked like as I sprint down the hall (trying desparately NOT to look at the dolls)? I kept going faster and faster because (in my head) I could HEAR their creepy, little feet chasing after me.

I know that it is only a matter of time before I'll be smoothered by them as they chant "mama" over and over again. They are probably planning their attack right now. As I type.

So, anyway, rr wasn't here. It was just me and the dolls...