Sunday, June 26, 2005

coffee, part 2

So a few minutes ago, we had this conversation.

I said something to my sister while I was pouring myself a bowl of crack, a.k.a. "Life cereal." A full minute later, she looked up from what she was reading and said "what?"

I looked at her blankly.

Her: You said something.

Me: Oh. [pause, racking brain] I can't remember. [pause] I think I was just talking.

Her: [At this point she nodded knowingly and tried to say something to the effect of, we aren't functioning because we haven't had coffee, but what she said was] "I blame it on the without--," and here she stopped, because she realized it wasn't coming out right. She sighed and shook her head, indicating that she was giving up, doubting her ability to get out anything any more clear.

I nodded at her in sympathy and empathy. "We'll go get some in a minute," I said.

Don't worry, we won't be driving there.


Kim Plaintive said...

Well, I can't quite say I relate to the whole coffee-as-vitamin thing, because I only drink caffeinated coffee on Fridays. But I do love my (decaf) Starbucks frappuccinos. For my last birthday I asked all my family members not to get me gifts but instead to get me Starbucks gift cards. I guess that's kind of pathetic. I wouldn't be surprised if that "Supersize Me" guy is working on some kind of documentary about America's Starbucks addiction.

Lia said...

Coffee's important to my life, not because I drink it, but because other people do. I can't imagine what would happen if certain people I know had to survive without coffee.

JLR said...

I know what you mean! I'm always so excited to get those gift cards, but everytime I go in there, I feel like a sucker. I almost want to glance over my shoulder to make sure no one is watching before I go in, because one day I may be embarrassed to admit that I go there.

You know, I feel that way about smoking. In college, we asked our roommate to start smoking again, because as bad for you as it is, she was impossible to live with when she tried to quit. Plus, she was eating far too much beef jerky, and I can't see how smoking can be much worse for you than that. It certainly doesn't smell worse.

jes said...

i don't understand that coffee is that integral to your day. i seem to function just fine without it. what does this mean?