Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm sure I'm supposed to be doing something now, but I don't know what that is

I have to wonder how anyone as forgetful as I am will ever get anywhere in life. A minute ago, I got up from my desk to go get water from the vending machine, but by the time I’d gone down the hallway, I had forgotten that’s where I was going and somehow thought I was going to the bathroom, which worked out, because turns out I need to go (I was once told by a friend that I have “low body awareness.”). So then I get back to my desk, realize I’m thirsty, and remember what that not only did I mean to get water on the first trip, but I left my money sitting on the bathroom counter. My boss recently told me that the key to being successful in our field is to be organized and have a good memory. I’m so screwed.

I just got back from lunch with a friend who is dating a guy so secretive that she’s not even sure they’re dating. She said that if she asks him about something he slipped up and told her about, he looks at her (suspiciously, I’m assuming) and says “how did you know about that?”

I once had a neighbor dating a guy that secretive, and she’d occasionally show up at my door and ask me to babysit her daughter while she tried to follow him home. Of course she was a stripper, so I’m thinking the circumstances were different, and maybe he had a reason for being that secretive (like he didn't want his wife to know) but my advice is the same: stay far, far away. But all the same, now I’m really curious, and I’m wondering if this is the right opportunity to hone my skills at tailing a suspect (or rather, find out if I have such skills). I’ve also always wanted to participate in a stake out, so maybe now I have weekend plans.


jes said...

let's plan a stakeout. saturday night. we'll start at central market, choose a suspect, and follow that person wherever they are going.

JLR said...

Yeah, you're probably joking about that, but I'm so there. We can get lots of stakeout food from the bulk bins. Only watch out and make sure you don't take out what's on top, because I've seen people sampling. And you don't know where their hands have been.

Ben said...


Really, you two are twin sisters? Right?

Definately "partner's in crime."