Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Not to be unctuous or anything

My dad just sent me this e-mail--his attempt to use as many Merriam-Webster words-of-the-day at one time:

"i am thinking of writing an epigram about how my plans to live a faineant life have been ruined by marplots. on top of that i ordered a " ne plus" and they sent me a " ne plus utra". i am so wobegone"

My dad is so cool. Would your dad try to use as many words-of-the-day as he could? Would your dad go through phases where everything he said to you had to rhyme? Would your dad rename things based on their backwards spelling (sugar is still raguse in our house)?

Then again, maybe I just think he's funny because I'm just like him in that respect.


Eddo said...

Sounds like a fun dad - I hope to be cool and revered by my kids someday.

I come by way of Ben and Ben sent you a shout out and a well deserved one at that.

Blogging is Life and you just started living.

Ben said...

Your dad's weird. In a good, strange, corny, kind of weird way... I guess.


Ben said...

Exactly what the doctor ordered. Love the layout.

JLR said...

Yes, thank you Jes, it looks much, MUCH better.