Friday, June 24, 2005

An Open Reply to Deals

I do not play tennis. That involves sweating. Also the racket is very heavy. I am not opposed to lacrosse. Well, actually, I am not opposed to running with a stick. But only for about 5 minutes. Then I'd need to go home and take a shower.

I am not completely opposed to playing tennis if we play it sometime when it's dark and I'm well-covered in bug spray. But then once I start to sweat I'll be worried about the bug spray running into my eyes. So we could only play for about 10 minutes. I do not have a racket because I sold it right after I graduated from college--(1) I was broke, and (2) after taking badminton, the tennis racket seemed too big and clunky and hitting the ball was hard. (Oo! Badminton! We could play that! So dainty and ladylike. Unless you are one of the Asian men from my badminton class who were clearly not beginners and it was a little unfair to have to be in the same class with them, especially that weird girl who wasn't very physically fit and talked about "Titanic" ALL. THE. TIME). Also, I'm much, much worse than my sister at tennis. It could be my tendency to stand in one place and call everything "out." And you will find that while my sister will politely continue playing for sometime past the point where she'd like to quit, I am not so polite. I'll complain enough so that no one is having a good time and will decide to stop playing. Then everyone will be mad at me, but I won't care because I'll get to go home. I win!

Anyway. But if you want to play sometime, just let me know. I think they sell rackets at the grocery store.


MsThang said...

LOL I love tennis.. who is afraid of a little west nile.. atleast I will die having fun lol.

Amanda Sue said...

ha! standing in place and calling everything out.

that is me and volleyball! who wants to get all sandy? i just want to stand there and get a tan.

JLR said...

Oh, me, too! That's how I play volleyball as well.