Friday, June 24, 2005

Pervertido returns

So this morning, I got up, and when I was wandering around the apartment brushing my teeth (I'm a mobile brusher), I happened to glance at my window --and I saw the tell-tale feet. I got a little closer, and sure enough, pervertido was back. I decided against running out there in my Hello Kitty pajamas and decided instead to go stare at him from a different window. This I did. It afforded me a nice view of the back of him. He was on the phone, obviously unhappy about something, and every few seconds, craning his head around to peer into my window. I stared at him openly, and I think he may have noticed. I went and spat out my toothpaste, and when I came back, he was in his car. That's right, he drove over to visit me, apparently. He was still on the phone, gesturing. A minute later, he drove away.

This is all a little mysterious to me. Was he picking someone up who didn't show? Is that who he was calling? Was he calling someone to say "she's on to me, man"? All I know is, I'm calling the apartment manager today and having a little chat. As Steve would say:
Machacaré su cabeza con un mezclador!!


Amstaff Mom said...

I laughed out loud on the Pervitido name. The story itself wasn't funny though. Creep.

Jennboree said...

I might begin to worry a bit about your traveling stalker. Not to sound too motherly but I'd recommend you contact your apartments and give them the license plate# of the Pervitido.

Maybe he was trying to explain to his wife why he wasn't home and couldn't exactly tell her that he had driven over to his favorite stalkee's home for a quick-see.

Is stalkee a word? I like it, if not!

JLR said...

I like it, too. And I also like "stalky," as in, "I don't know why he's always hanging around, but he is very stalky."

I will be calling the apartment complex about this, don't worry. I will keep everyone posted, too. I am both amused and very creeped out.