Friday, June 24, 2005

Wait! My link is gone! How come you don't love me anymore?

If your the link to your blog is missing from my links section, fear not! I'm rearranging and figuring out how I want to format everything. Everything will be back to normal before too long.


Ben said...

My Link is gone! Oh... wait... um nope... it's there... I am just blind.

Amstaff Mom said...

Hmmm, evidently the love was not there in the first place, but I would relish a place on your link list.

The former JLR.

JLR said...

That's right, I forgot your initials used to be JLR!

My plan is to link to everybody I like, i.e. everyone who comments on my blog. But that could get kinda of bulky, so I'm trying come up with some kind of system. Plus, I think that if you don't change things up, people stop seeing things--so I'm thinking I will rotate who I link to. But I'm not sure. That may be too much work.

JLR said...

But I left Ben's on for now b/c he's Ben.

Amstaff Mom said...

I still get excited when I see JLR as part of a license plate. I'm think, "Hey! There's my initials!" Then I realize um, no, that was 6 years ago. Oh well.

Ben said...

I like your thinking... have I ever told you that??

jes said...

rotating equals too much work.

i'm thinking of doing something like eddo, where he has one link page of everyone he links to, so that it doesn't take up space on his sidebar.

of course, that would take extra effort, which i am really not interested in putting forth right now.

therefore, i will continue to have a long link list until kingdom come. i haven't updated it in a while. i should consider doing that soon.

CONSIDER, i said.