Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Apartments I Have Had, Part 2b

After that, I moved into an apartment with my sister. It was in a nice suburb, but that part of town was pretty much two apartment complexes, a gated housing community, and a business park. Not real neighborhood-y. Probably the thing that bothered me the most about the neighborhood was really to do with the nearest shopping center. It had a Starbucks in it, and two doors down from that was a grocery store that had a Starbucks in it, and across the street was a Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks in it. That’s when I developed the theory that Starbucks was going to take over the world. That’s also how I knew that I needed to start toning down my personality a bit, because I told a co-worker that I didn’t like Starbucks, and she rolled her eyes and said, “why, because you think they’re taking over the world?” I blurted out “oh, have I told you this already?” She gave me a pitying look and shook her head. Yeah, well, right back at you, babe! At least I didn’t marry the first guy who’d have me! I pity you!

Pity--that reminds me. I don’t know how you feel about Mr. T, but personally, I’m a fan. I highly recommend this gadget: http://www.emanation.com/mrtpocket.php. Don’t make me mad! Grrr.

Back to the apartments. It was at this apartment that the radio was stolen out of my car for the second time. It wasn’t even a fancy radio—it didn’t even have a cd player in it, just a tape deck. Technically, just the removable front cover was taken, but as the radio didn’t work without it, it amounted to the same thing. The incident made me so mad that I never replaced it. Five years later, I’m still driving that car without a radio. [RR: Technically, you have a radio. You just don't have the right mechanism--i.e., the front cover--to make it work.] Ok, I’m driving that car without a way to play the radio. If you see me driving down the road, singing, I’m not singing along to anything. I’m just singing.

If I'm gesturing as well, I'm not singing. But don't worry, I am not armed.

We didn’t like living there because it didn’t feel home-like, and because we didn’t care for the obnoxious residents of the gated community. I’m not a snob or anything . . . ok, I am a snob. A reverse snob. I’m suspicious of people who have a lot of money, especially the kids who didn’t have anything to do with the making of the money but still feel like it makes them superior to the kids at school who don’t have money. I don’t know where this comes from. It’s not like my family was poor or that I got picked on at school—we were about as average middle class as you can get, and as far as I can remember we never got picked on at school for anything, money or otherwise. I have relatives who have a lot of money, but it never bothered me that we didn’t—I pretty much felt sorry for them because that’s the side of the family that’s kind of dysfunctional. So I really don’t know where this antipathy came from, but there it is. I am also a snob against “new money.” And I don’t mean people whose families haven’t had money for three hundred years; after all, every family with money was at some point new money. I mean people who get money and then suddenly feel compelled to let everyone know that they now have money, because that somehow makes them better than everyone else. Specifically, I mean people like the guy who lived in that neighborhood whose vanity license plate, I’m not kidding, read “Dr Money.” Well, technically it was probably only 6 letters, but that’s what it spelled. Plus, he drove an enormous SUV, presumably for hauling all that money around. I was frequently stuck behind him on my drive in to work, and let me tell you, that did not put me in the best frame of mind.

If you saw me on the road behind him, I wasn't singing.

We stuck it out there for two years, but then it got too expensive. Our apartments were not so hot--I don't think the dishwasher worked the entire time we were there--but I guess they figured we would be willing to pay more for the address. We were not.

And that’s probably the problem right there. As time goes by, instead of being willing to pay more for an apartment, we want to pay less and less. I am now paying less in rent than I did five years ago.


Ben said...

Ummm... maybe that's why you have mold? You need to be paying MORE for an apartment than you did 5 years ago... It keeps the mold away.

Amstaff Mom said...

Don't you just think it's crazy when there is a Starbucks located in the store and then one just outside the store?!?! Craziness.

JLR said...

Yes, yes, I couldn't agree with you more. But my roommate is my sister, who is the cheapest person on the planet. And the apartments always look ok. It's only after we move in that we discover it's a mold infestation waiting to happen.

AM: this is what I'm saying. They are taking over the world, only we're so grateful to have coffee that we don't even notice.

Amstaff Mom said...

San Francisco has more Starbucks than sea lions. (I accidentally typed seal lions first. Aarf aarf ROAR, Aarf aarf ROAR) ANYWAY, New York runs a close second. When Bianca and I were in NYC, we were talking about this, because there were two right across the street from eachother. We were saying how ridiculous it was, but did you see us crossing the street to get to the other one? Noooooo.

Amstaff Mom said...

Would the Impatient Chicken have crossed the road?

Deep thoughts...

MsThang said...

"It's the Evil Empire of the world" huahhhahhhahh huuahhhhhahhhahhh