Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Email address now available

Hello, faithful readers! I have finally created an e-mail address for anyone who wants to e-mail re: this blog. It's impatient_chicken@yahoo.com (Don't forget the underscore). Now you finally have a way to send me all those burning questions.

Possible questions you might want to ask:

1. I’m concerned about your sister. Can we establish a fund to raise money to buy her a bubble to live in?
2. You seem to complain a lot on your blog. Are you this whiny in real life?
3. Seriously--What’s the deal with the no sweating?

I'm not promising to answer them, mind you, but now at least you can send them my way.


Amstaff Mom said...

Way to go! Me thinks I need to do the same.

steve said...

Yo! Thanks for the comments on my pics. Believe it or not the camera is a canon powershot S1 IS digital. I love the pics it takes.

JLR said...

Seriously? It takes black and white pics? That is awesome. Canon rocks. I'm definitely looking into getting that type of camera. B&W is so much better than color for most things, in my opinion. You can such a better feeling in the picture, for lack of a more artsy way to say that. Keep up the good work.

AM: do!

Amstaff Mom said...



jes said...

no, no, no. you should use gmail. i can send you an invitation if you would like.

also, what's up with "[if !supportEmptyParas]"

what is that? or, more importantly, what is that SUPPOSED TO BE???

Chris Roberts said...

Heh. I DO know the answers to all those questions.

Nice to see you have an outlet for your wit.

Deals On Wheels said...

I know the answers to the questions, too! I feel so special (or as they say at Chipotle, "spesh").

By the way, RR (a.k.a. NDT) definitely needs a bubble. I'll promise to visit her in it once we raise the funds to GENTLY place her in it. Oh, and we will have to do it soon - RR asked me about playing frisbee someday. If we cannot afford the bubble, then we will have to buy some sort of helmet and goggle-like device to protect her from the soft plastic disk.

Oh, and one last thing...I hear, JLR (a.k.a. DT) that they are doing amazing things for sweat glands with Botocks. Maybe - one day - you can play tennis, too! Gypsy will be so excited.

NYgirl said...

Hi, I came over from you're big brother's blog. Talent seems to run in the family.

JLR said...

NYgirl: thanks and welcome! I'm heading over to your blog in just a moment to check it out.

Deals: um, do you mean botox? Or did you mean to use a word with striking similarity to "buttocks." Because that's what I thought you meant at first. And I was wondering why you thought I need help in that area. But now I see what you mean, and I look forward to the day when I can inject toxins into my body so that I can play fetch with Gypsy kitty.

I like your idea of the helmet and protect eyewear.

Deals On Wheels said...

I tried to look it up online (I used Google), and when I typed in "Botox" google asked me if I really meant "Botocks". I didn't think I did, but then decided that (since I am a notoriously bad speller) I was probably in error. So, I clicked on the "Botocks" link and was directed to 101 websites with the word "Botocks" in them (try this for yourself - go to Google and type in "Botocks"). The first sites that caught my eye all had to do with anti-winkle this and injection that, so I thought, "Well, maybe I just thought that Botocks was spelled B-O-T-O-X".

Of course, the tragedy is that I was right the first time, which is really just my luck.

Although, from an antiwrinkle perspective, you should rest assured knowing that you have several choices when considering Botox (or Botocks as the case may be).

However, I don't think that the "antisweat" benefits of Botocks have been proven as of yet. So, I stick with Botox.

In the mean time, we are SO in a fight!