Friday, July 29, 2005

Fun at Lunch

Today, jes and I went shopping on our lunch breack.

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"Dude, I totally just stole a pair of socks!" "Get out of here! Me, too!"

Ok, we didn't shoplift, we don't look like these girls, and we weren't wearing tennis shoes. But other than that, it was exactly like this picture.

So anyway, Harold's was having its annual warehouse sale. I go every year. It was a lot of fun. I spent too much money. Jes didn't want to go because she was trying to responsible with her budget, but I guilted her into it. It wasn't hard.

Anyway, I love the warehouse sale, because I think Harold's regularly priced stuff is a little steep.
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$52 for a scarf? Who are you kidding?

That's why I love the warehouse sale. Everything is c-h-e-a-p. Every year I go and buy as many pairs of black slacks as I can find. This year, they didn't have any. They did have lots of ugly pants and weird shirts with bunchy stuff on it. They had a lot of shirts for men that looked like this:
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Um, is there a pocket in the FRONT of his shirt? Or is he missing a hand? What is up with that?

The biggest disappointment was that in the men's section, they had ARGYLE stuff, but in the women's, they had none.

I don't know why, I just do. I would totally wear these socks:
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And any guy who's wearing an argyle sweater looks a little bit better to me.

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See what I mean? Yummy.

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Yes, Bud, even you.

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He looks like a rocker, but trustworthy.

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Hey, why so grumpy? The sweater's workin' for ya.

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I don't like it that much.

So I didn't get any argyle stuff, but I did manage to spend $150. And I'm going back tomorrow.


JLR said...

Oh, and for that $150, I got a pair of linen pants, two skirts, two pairs of shorts, and three sweaters. Pretty good, if I do say so myself

Katie said...

Uhh I think those are argyle leg warmers there. So would that be a preppy/retro 80's fashion statement?

JLR said...

It would be an ARGYLE ROCKS statement.

NYgirl said...

You got that right jjb, Argyle Rocks! My friends think I'm so wierd for my love of argyle, glad to meet a fellow argylophile.

JLR said...

yea! nygirl, you're my new favorite person. I'm going to start using the word "argylophile" as often as I can.

Amstaff Mom said...

I was replaced

Onto the "new" favorite person, she is.

Amanda Sue said...

hilarious post! i really love the pictures. :)

so, you need to rat jes out - how much did she spend?

JLR said...

AM: I'm easy--tell me you like argyle and you're back at the top of the list.

AmandaSue: She actually stuck pretty close to her budget--I'm not sure how much she spent, but it was less than me (she made sure to point that out).

Oh, and I forgot, I got a shirt, too. So that's a pair of linen pants, two skirts, two pairs of shorts, a shirt, and three sweaters, all for $150.

Amstaff Mom said...

Ok, Ok, I like argyle! I wore argyle socks on Thursday, does that count?

MsThang said...

I am so jealous... I want to go shopping in a place that isn't stuck in some odd demention between 1980 and some other time that we have not yet to discover yet :( I will pout now!

Chris Roberts said...

Did you have to put the incompetent Bud on the website?

Argyle went out on the coaching scene a few years back. Maybe the argyle colors...

JLR said...

AM goes back to the top of the list.

MsThang: wait--you've been shopping in my closet?

cr: Don't knock Bud! He may be incompetent, but he flouts the strict fashion conformity of the sports coach world to wear a truly fabulous sweater (I have one that's remarkably similar). That earns him a spot on my blog any day! Wear an argyle sweater, and I'll put YOU on my blog.

Ben said...

I have no Argyle.

I find it funny that you find Argyle "yummy".