Friday, July 22, 2005

Hijacked? Moi?

We had an Unpleasant Incident last night. It was about 11:15pm, and I had drifted off into a lovely state of oblivion, almost sound asleep, when I heard rr say my name. I cannot tell you how startled I was to discover her standing in my doorway. You know how it is when are awoken suddenly out of near-deep sleep. Well, I was about to be even more startled. Seems that Deals had just text messaged her to say that she'd try to look at my blog, but had been redirected to another site. You can guess what kind of graphic, graphic site it was. And it wasn't just that she had a virus on her computer, because she also tried it on her mom's computer. I FLIPPED OUT. I was all set to call jes and cry. But then I pulled up my site, and it came up just fine. So I don't know what happened. But all the same, I'm giving fair warning to everyone who regularly looks at my blog from work or around young 'uns. Also, today I'm guest blogging on impatient bee, so look there in a little while for today's post.


steve said...

I didnt get any good pictures?? I feel cheated!

JLR said...

haha! I'm sure Deals could describe them for you.

Welcome back! We've missed you. I'm so glad you made it back safely. I can't wait to hear all about it.