Monday, July 11, 2005

I am particularly "aspartic" today

I found this post on a message board

“I work with an orthomolecular nutritionist (treats with food, vits and amino acids) and I asked him awhile back about Paxil. He said that Paxil will elliviate [sic] some symptoms, but cause others. It will increase your aspartic acid level the more you take it. Aspartic acid is our "anger" chemical . . . too much of it can make us really snappy, frustrated easily and impatient.”

At this point in my reading, I’m thinking that while I don’t take Paxil, I must have aspartic acid . . . and then I read the next sentence: “Chicken has alot of aspartic acid in it.”

Well that explains it, then.


Amstaff Mom said...

Ha Ha HA! Maybe you should change your name to Aspartic Chicken? :)

Reidwilson said...


You have provided a very good site to knowing about Aspartic acid. These are critical to maintaining the pH balance in the body, it is largely the charged amino acids that are involved in the buffering properties of proteins...

Beta Alanine