Thursday, July 28, 2005

Maybe you had to be there

I was telling jes today about how RR and I have exactly the same sense of humor, and so on any given night you'll find us laughing so hard that we're crying, but if we told you what we were laughing at, you probably wouldnt' think it was that funny. For example, I told jes about this episode (and as I predicted, she didn't laugh):

One time in college, when we were at the grocery store, we were walking down the pet supplies aisle, and they had this brand of kitty litter, the name of which I suppose was intended to say that your cat would like that brand. The name of it was "kitty please." So OF COURSE one of us looked at the other and said "you think the cats would like this? Oh kitty, please." And then we both cracked up. To this day, seven years later, we still use it in place of "girl, please" or the less polite variation, and it still cracks us up.


Amstaff Mom said...

I knew of a lady who's name was Kitty Peed. NO LIE.

Bless her heart, I still make fun of her name to this day.

There was also a "Rusty Gates" when I was a counselor at summer camp. Bless his heart.

RR said...

Are you serious?!?!? I know you said "no lie," but come on. :) At least her parents could have done her a favor and named her something like "Tables" because "Tables Peed" wouldn't be nearly as easy to make fun of as "Kitty Peed."

Amstaff Mom said...

I WASN'T LYING!! I think "Peed" was her married name. I had no problems with giving up my maiden name, except for the fact that I'm no longer a JLR. But "Peed" with the first name Kitty!?! No way. No way. I was doing a 3 month stint in the badging office at work and had to make her one. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. Then there was the guy who's supv. mailed in his badge b/c the first one had a typo. His name was Brian, and it had been typed as Brain. That wasn't the problem. His last name was "Dick". Yeah, "Brain Dick" was on his badge. AHHH!!