Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mea culpa

I have caused confusion among my (few) readers. For this, I apologize. Let me take a moment to clear up the confusion [are you paying attention, Jes? I'm explaining it, ok?]:

YES, until yesterday, my user name (or whatever it's called) was JLR. Yesterday, I switched to JJB. Why? Because JLR was impersonal and uncreative. JJB and JB are family nicknames, so I switched because it enabled me to still be mildly anonymous while still allowing my blog friends to have some level of familiarity/intimacy with me--they could call me by my nickname instead of my initials. But this is apparently confusing. I think I may have violated some sort of netiquette ["I sent you an evite and you never responded. Nice netiquette."] Maybe once you get people all comfortable with your "handle," you aren't supposed to change.

So, readers (all seven of you), would you prefer that I switch back?
Jes, deals, you don't get a vote, because you'll just say something to be contrary. And then I'd have to do the opposite of what you said out of spite. Because we're in a fight.

But I still think we should go to the Harold's sale tonight.


ConservativeRant said...

why not JJ? or J-bear?

JLR said...

I thought about JJ. Or just J. Those are the two that I usually get from you and rr (actually, several college friends call me J). I didn't think about J-bear.

Anonymous said...

I vote for J-Dawg. The ultimate name when chillin' with your peeps!

David said...

Dear jjb/jlr/whaterver tickles your fancy:

I've enjoyed reading your blog and have blogrolled you. I will continue reading your blog, regardless of what "handle" you want to go by.

That being said, your "handle" could be compared to a brand name. People get comfortable with brand because they are familiar with it, they like it, and know what to expect, and in the case of a blog, they are willing to invest the time to read it.

When the "handle" or brand name changes, then people may question if it will continue to be what they have come to expect.

I would recommend that you settle on whatever handle you want to go with, and stick with it.

As for me, I will keep stopping by, regardless of what handle you decide upon. Keep up the good work!

Amanda Sue said...

mmmm... i kind of like jlr cause it rolllllls off the tongue.

however, if that isn't your real name (shock!) then you are free to change it.

disclaimer: if you are changing from your real name to a fake name, you must go on a mystery hiatus for a few weeks and emerge with a new site and new name. just ask amstaff...

Deals On Wheels said...

Since we are in a fight and since I am apparently not entitled to an opinion when it comes to your pseudonymity, I’ve decided to be difficult and cast my vote (mainly out of spite). Jes, I recommend that you do the same – tonsil or no tonsil.

Here are my suggestions:
1. “Irrational Baby Syndrome” (or IBS for short). Since you are the “baby” of the family, this would be appropriate. Plus, I just spent 10 minutes coming up with words for “I”, “B” and “S” (because I thought it would be funny if you shared the same acronym/initials with “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”). Then, in the future, I can be all clever and call you “IBS with Constipation” when you make fun of me and/or bar me from voting again on your BLOG.
2. “The Dominant Twin” (or DT for short), because – let’s face it – you are, and it fits.
3. “BOTOX” (or “Botocks,” if you prefer), mainly in honor of your irrational fear of sweating.
4. Environmental Lawyer Friend (or ELF for short). Hehe…you’re little and you’re afraid of nature!

Okay, PAL (Public At Large – acronyms are fun!!), please vote for 1, 2, 3 or 4. JLR (or JJB or Irene or whatever she’s calling herself today) is a lawyer-in-training and, therefore, has an obligation to submit to decisions reached democratically.

I vote for #1. Since I possess quasilegislative powers here in Blog Land, I do believe that makes it a law. Please pass my gavel…

JLR said...

jacks: if you knew me, you'd never suggest "j-dawg," although that's kind of catchy. I'm not cool enough to pull that one off.

redrock guy: thanks! I looked at your profile, and we have something in common. I'm currently making a list of "favorites," and on my list of favorite books is "My Name is Asher Lev," by Chaim Potok. He's an amazing writer. You are now on my "cool" list.

amanda sue: I may well change it back. Even though I've changed to a family nickname, it feels kind of weird.

deals, or should I say "mayonnaise-based product" since we're referring to each other by our irrational fears: whatever. we're in a fight.

Deals On Wheels said...

It is "mayonnaise-based food". If you are going to insult me, IBS (with constipation), then you should at least get it right! :P

Besides, having a fear of mayonnaise-based food is hardly psychastenic. Condiments were invented to "enhance" the flavor of food - never to be the basis of a meal.

See? Completely logical.

However, a fear of a bodily function is definitely irrational.

JLR said...

Maybe it is, but I'm not afraid of sweating. I just find it distasteful. It's not like the thought of a work out makes me curl up in a ball, rock back and forth, and mutter "the sweat . . . the sweeeeeaaaaat . . . "

JLR said...

Deals: are you going with rr to the harold's sale today?

Amstaff Mom said...

Thanks Amanda Sue, I TOTALLY got that. Clever, wasn't I?

All I know, is that if I ever get to meet you in person, and if we ever get to have our Cluefest in Sept., then I'm going to have an awfully hard time not calling you JLR or Impatient Chicken. Awfully hard. Unless it will just be the start of a new, different friendship. One that is not just an alias, and one where I'm not just an Amstaff's Mom. I hope so. You crack me up IC/JLR.

Ben said...

What's the difference? jlr... jjb... pb&j...