Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pictures from my former home . . . and 1 decorative box

Because I seem to be developing carpal tunnal syndrome, I'm going to type a little less today by using photos to fill the space. This way you can all admire my photography skills. :) [and yes, I know that I need to resize the photos]

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Ok, so this is a photo of my previous apartment. From here, it looks ok, other than the fact that the miniblinds are a little beat up.

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Hmm. . . what could this be?

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Well, if we zoom out a little . . . that's right, folks! It's my window! Nothing wrong with the way that looks, right? The apartment management didn't think so, either.

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Here's the other side of the window.

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Here's a picture of rr's window, where the carpenter ants/termites have been hard at work.

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Here's a picture of our utility closet. I'm pretty sure that water and electrical appliances (e.g. washers and dryers) aren't supposed to be mixed together, but hey, far be it from me to demand they seal up the cracks that are letting the water in.

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Here's where the smoke detector leakage occurred.

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And here's where the crack in the ceiling formed. We came home one day after demanding it be fixed to find that the maintenance guy had stuck a pencil in the ceiling. Are pencils the new duct tape?

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RR and I bought something that was supposed to get rid of mildew smell. It came in a plastic pouch, which you are to put in the "decorative box" (their words, not ours). I guess it's decorative . . . maybe it's just not my personal decorating style.


Katie said...

Ummm EWWWWW - the house not you.

Love the decorator box, does it come in alternative colors?

Amstaff Mom said...

ugh. good thing I already had my lunch, or that would have caused a loss of appetite. Maybe I SHOULD have seen them first. I just ate a piece of birthday cake from Celebrity bakery. yummmmm.

JLR said...

I know--gross, right? That's what we thought. But the apartment office didn't seem concerned by my rantings about "rotting wood" and "mold infestation."

As for the box, I believe it only comes in one color, but surely powder blue matches everything?

steve said...

I dont see anything wrong with the photos... Ants and mildew are so IN this year

NYgirl said...

Gross & possibly dangerous. I've read that some of these molds can irritate the respiratory system.

You poor thing.

JLR said...

Steve: (I was drinking my water when I read that and almost snarfed.) In that case, I am so in.
btw, love the new pic muy much.

NYgirl: That's what I said! I do believe the words "dangerous" and "upper respiratory infection" were prominently featured in my conversations with the management. And "poor thing" featured prominently in the conversations I had with myself.

Tammy said...

Your Blog is great, glad I happened upon it today. Sorry to here about your living quarters. The Pencil thing...what the hell were they thinking?

JLR said...

Tammy--thanks for stopping by! That was exactly my reaction when I saw the pencil. My conclusion was that either (a) they thought that the pencil would hold up the ceiling, or (b) they felt like they needed something to mark the freakin' huge crack in the ceiling--you know, so that they could find it later.

Although by the time this happened so much else had gone wrong that it was almost funny. Almost.

Katie said...

I'm thinking the pencil was the effect of three hours of goofing off in your apartment and digging through your drawers while they laughed that you thought management would actually fix the things that were wrong. The pencil was an unfortunate piece of evidence that they had layed down on your couch and took a nap and then found things to throw and see if they would stick in the ceiling.

Poweder blue does go with everything, especially eye shadow and men's evening wear (with ruffles if you are at all refined)

MsThang said...

Hmm, looks like an old apartment of mine in Norfolk.. cheap rent.. so the potential respiratory diseases were WELL WORTH IT. lol.