Friday, July 22, 2005

You think it's going to be interesting . . . but then it's not.

"continuing surveillance has revealed sufficient weakness in a particular area . . ." [hmm--surveillance, sounds intriguing--but continue reading] . . ."of subcontracting to warrant special attention by the ACCO. "

Yeah, not so interesting, these rules on government contracting. I think my eyes started to glaze over right about here: "the cognizant admistrative contracting officer (ACO) is responsible for consent to subcontracts, excpet when the contracting officer retains the contract for administration or withholds the consent responsibility from delegation to the ACO."

For the record, I really think the government should not throw around words like "surveillance" lightly.

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Amstaff Mom said...

Ugh. My work day has been better than yours!!! I (finally) finished watching Clue as I worked from home. I could get SO used to this.