Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I Will Survive

I am beginning to think that the semester won't be so horribly awful as I had anticipated. That is, I think that I will have time to juggle school, law review, and work. I just won't have time for anything else, like friends, family, fun, or bathing.

Just kidding. You know I will always make time for bathing.

My classes are ok. I pretty much sit through every class chanting "not me, not me" when the professor pauses and you know that she's about to call on someone. It's not like I'm not prepared, I just don't like being called on. I don't like hypotheticals. I have never liked "what ifs."

Tax is about as bad as I thought it would be, and we haven't even gotten to the tax stuff yet--we're just covering the constitutional basis for taxes, types of taxes, how to appeal a tax decision, that kind of thing. The professor seems very nice and very knowledgeable, but I don't think that knowledge will be transferred to us. I have taken almost no notes so far, and we've had two classes. Yesterday, at the end of the class, my friend who sits next to me had exactly two words typed on her screen: "Shoot me."

As far as my other classes go, I have one professor who's both humorous and obnoxious, which can be entertaining, two professors who seem very knowledgeable and demanding but not intimidating, and one who is FABULOUS. I've had her for three other classes in the past. Her classes are challenging and her exams leave you feeling entirely drained of the energy to function, but she's a dynamic teacher--and her exams, though tough, are fair. The only problem is that this is an ethics class, so it will be countless "what ifs" with no clear answer. No thank you! If it weren't required, I'd not be in that class.

Law review: I'm practically finished with my part of an issue. That means we are now only four issues behind. Progress! Woohoo!

In other news, the carpal tunnel thing seems to be back, but I think I can handle it. I had some fabulous fro yo today. I found out that yet another friend is moving away--boo!

I have no other news to report, except that I managed not to eat my weight in m&ms today, and for that you should all be proud of me.


Lia said...

the pride is oozing out. how do you plan to survive law school without overeating chocolate? is it possible?

glad to hear that it's so far so good.

MsThang said...

What not eat your body weight in chocolate? Is that possible? It sounds like chocolate malnutrition to me!

You will be in my prayers through this semester.. I will be there soon.. just not law school.. nursing school!

Amstaff Mom said...

Wow, triple whammy. School, Carpal Tunnel, and the moving of friends. No amount of M&M's can counteract that. I have such a disdain for school that I really do sympathize with you when I read your posts. I always HATED being called on. Bad memories.

That stinks about the carpal tunnel too. Need to borrow a stuffed dog?

Deals On Wheels said...

No, need to borrow a stuffed dog...I'll just loan her Gypsy Kitty.

Nothing clears up carpal tunnel syndrome like a little dog drool (errrr…dog “kisses”), after all!!

Plus, Gypsy really, really (really, really) likes to help (or her version of "helping," anyway). Nothing says "support" like a stiff and crusty (but much loved) Frankie doll deposited on your freshly laundered pants!!

Kim Plaintive said...

Sorry about the carpal tunnel. I'm curious to see what taking notes via a laptop will be like. Seems like it will be very nice to have searchable documents come exam time. Do you and your buddies IM each other during the tax class? Like "shoot me." "I can't, I only have one bullet and I'm using it on myself."

RR said...

KP: Ha ha! That's funny. I hope you still have time to post once you start law school.

Amanda Sue said...

it sucks to be in a class for hours and not walk away with any notes. especially if the prof has been speaking the entire time.

sometimes, i play word games. like how many words can you make out of the letters of "shoot me?"

hmmm... now i have something else to do to help me procrastinate today!

jes said...

perhaps the reason you aren't taking notes in Tax is because you're too busy IM'ing me.

JLR said...

oh, what are you talking about? I would never abuse our internet privileges in such a manner.

Wow. I can't even type that with a straight face.

Kim: I would advise you to make friends with someone who will IM you the answers to any question you don't know should you get called on.

Yesterday I nearly choked on my water as I tried not to laugh when my friend KK typed me this message regarding our professor: "It's like he's one of the adults on the Charlie Brown cartoons. Wawa wa wa wa wawawa wa wa wa." What did we ever do before computers?

I'm not the only one, though. Yesterday the room was filled with the sound of people typing away on their computers, and there's NO way that they were taking notes.

steve said...


ate my weight in M&M's... I should try that!