Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mild panic: my day so far

[No time for posting week continues, and so we bring you part II of III of old e-mails from me updating my friends on my goings-on]:

Approximately 8:15am: Go to the professors’ lounge to turn in legal writing assignment before deadline. Promised classmate I’d put her disk in her professor’s box. Can’t find it. She is in a certain section, but I can only find a different section for her professor. Mild panic ensues. Another classmate with the same professor assures me that the box is mislabeled, the professor’s box I found is the correct one. Panic subsides.

Approximately 8:30am: Trip to The Eatery as part of daily ritual to get morning coffee. The Eatery door is locked. No note saying “be right back.” Mild panic as thought occurs to me that The Eatery might be on Fall Break with the undergrads. Slight resentful feeling towards the undergrads.

9:02am: Second trip to The Eatery in hopes that it will be open. It is. First glance at cream options reveals all are expired. Mild panic. Re-checking reveals that the “whole” milk has one day to go. Discover that all the caffeinated coffee is gone. Mild panic. Then notice that there is one pot of flavored coffee fully caffeinated.

11:00-11:50am. Develop feelings of nausea. May have something to do with the not-good-tasting Pria bar I ate before class. Sure professor is going to call on me and I’ll throw up in class. Mild panic ensues. Professor does not call on me. Panic subsides. Eat my lunch, nausea subsides--slightly.

12:20pm. Can’t get online. Restart computer. Can’t get online. Restart wireless connection. Can’t freakin’ get online. Stupid &*@#$ school wireless network piece of @#$%. Resentment and anger tempered only by being too tired to feel any strong emotion.

12:30-1:00 Gearing up for criminal law class and inevitable dumb-ass comments on subject of rape from certain ignorant yet arrogant classmates. Mild panic that I will stab said classmates with pen (“What is a battery, Alex?”). Remember they sit on other side of room, would have to leap over three rows of classmates. Am not good at leaping. Panic subsides.

1:00-1:50 Apparently unworried about appearing predictable, annoying classmates make expected asinine comments. Blood pressure raised exponentially.

2:00 Finally remember to get form filled out to defer undergrad student loans. Blood pressure goes down slightly.

2:20 Can finally get online—for now. Deep yoga breaths in lobby of library—not too deep, though, as library has funny smell. Try to calm down before diving into studying. Prediction: will not have enough time to get sufficient amount of work done, mild panic will ensue.

(Unlike many fellow classmates have yet to have full-blown panicky feelings about ability to pass classes. Am way too preoccupied with other, more important matters.)


Amstaff Mom said...

Hopefully THAT day isn't repeated.

So are you working now AND going to school, or just school? Just curious.

MsThang said...

OMG your accounts of your day are so hilarious! Thanks for the needed laugh first thing in my dreadful morning.

jes said...

JLR. you had me laughing with this report. can't wait til you are back in the office.

Katie said...

Ha ha love the play by play.

Unlike everyone else I am super jealous you are in law school. Sounds like fun to me. Yes, I am a NERD.

Amanda Sue said...

arg. i am trying to be patient, but it has almost been a week.

an impatient impatient chicken reader

Amstaff Mom said...

I'm back to Impatient Amstaff.


RR said...

I'm sorry to have to say this, but I think you're going to have to wait a bit longer. She has 54 pages to read for one class. She hasn't done the tally yet for how many to read for next class. Then she has to brief the cases she's read. The she has to outline the chapters she's read.

Then tomorrow she gets to start all over again. Yea!

Lia said...

uh, oh.

what a day. makes me feel soooo much better.