Thursday, August 04, 2005


It's a busy day today, so in lieu of posting my own stuff, I've collected stuff for you to read if you get bored:

Cool scientific advance
ElectroNeedles may provide diabetes patients a painless way to check blood glucose levels; Micron-sized ยตPosts can also diagnose heart attacks by sensing proteins

Sarcasm at PopSci: "Yes, moviegoers, the plane has turned evil so evil that it illegally downloads music."

How the grinch stole summer

Crazies, crazies everywhere
On the ground and in the air

Well, she's definitely leaving him now


Amstaff Mom said...

This is SO not the same as a personal post. I feel jipped.

jes said...

me too, amstaff. it's just not fair.

JLR said...

But this is so much better! That woman FELL OUT OF HER CAR because she opened the door WHILE DRIVING so that she could SPIT. That doesn't happen every day!

JLR said...

And I'm not taking any lip from someone who didn't post at all on Thursday and her Wednesday post was laaaame.

Amstaff Mom said...

OK, I admit it. I sent the "spit" posting to the hubby and his brothers. The hubby has "drainage issues". He's forced to spit sometimes and even his being a native Texan doesn't afford him with a spit gift. He opens the door while driving everytime we're in the car. I thought the article was hilarious.

JLR said...

See? This is good stuff.

I have to say, my lunch audience was more receptive. That particular story was well-received.

NYgirl said...

LOL. You have a talent for finding great stories.