Monday, August 01, 2005

She's leaving home (bye, bye)

My friend Steph is leaving. *sniff*

She's moving to UTAH of all place. For heaven's sake, why?

Steph is a curmudgeonly graphics designer (is there any other kind?). She is also extremely talented at it. At my old job, she brightened my day, every day, with her dark office, her entirely black wardrobe, her random and unpredictable use of profanity, and her constant predictions of impending doom. I don't know why, but her affectations of misery just always made me happy, perhaps because she's not really a grump. She had the best work ethic and, despite her efforts to seem otherwise, she had that attitude of "we're going to get this done," no matter how crunched for time we were.

She's a non-conformist in the best way and never just because she wants to be a non-conformist. She calls her friends "babe" and "hon." She went on the JDRF walk to cure diabetes with us last year sporting jeans and smoking the whole time. She has a fear of Mr. Winkle. She likes bad movies and odd things. Her goal is to be the world's noisest ninja. I could go on and on. It's a joy just to be around her. I will miss her sooooo much that I'm tearing up just writing about it.

Steph--DON'T GO.


steve said...

I had no idea who Mr Winkle was... I am now afraid of him also.

JLR said...

Once our friend Laura covered Steph's office in large pictures of Mr. Winkle. It was very funny.

I admit that he's kind of freaky looking, but I think he's adorable. In a freaky sort of way.

So now we know what frightens steve: roller coasters--not so much; Mr. Winkle--yes.

Kim Plaintive said...

Awwww Mr. Winkle looks cute!

Joe & Julie said...

Hey, just dropped by your site via the link on msthang's site...great post! Your friend sounds wonderful, its always so sad to see good friends go. And Steve took the words right out of my mouth- I, too, had no idea who Mr.Winkle was but I am scared of him now too!!! lol

JLR said...

KP--love the logo!
Joe/julie: no, no, he's cute! He's only scary because (1) what the heck is he, and (2) the tongue is a little weird. But he's wee! A tiny, fuzzy, happy, bouncy little ball of fur. That makes him cute. A little creepy, but mostly just cute.