Friday, September 30, 2005

Calling Out Your Name

As far as I’m concerned, we don’t sing enough hymns these days. I do like praise music, but there is something very powerful to me about the old hymns. What can I say--in that single respect, I'm old fashioned. I’m a Bible church girl, so mostly I get praise music (and don’t get me started on skits!). I’m ok with that (except for the skits), but I really, really wish we could everyonce in a while go “old school.”

That being said, I would sing songs by Rich Mullins every Sunday if given the opportunity. For some reason today, when I was walking back from Starbucks with my friend kk (who is one of the sweetest, smartest, best Christian women in the world, such a wonderful person and friend, and I really wish some guy who actually deserves her would realize that), and “Calling Out Your Name” popped into my head. I love this song. It is probably my favorite song in the world. I do not think we give him enough credit for the powerful, amazing songs he created.

Anyway, I thought I’d pass it along.

Calling Out Your Name
Rich Mullins

Well the moon moved past Nebraska
And spilled laughter on them cold Dakota Hills
And angels danced on Jacob's stairs
Yeah, they danced on Jacob's stairs
There is this silence in the Badlands
And over Kansas the whole universe was stilled
By the whisper of a prayer
The whisper of a prayer

And the single hawk bursts into flight
And in the east the whole horizon is in flames
I feel thunder in the sky
I see the sky about to rain
And I hear the prairies calling out Your name

I can feel the earth tremble
Beneath the rumbling of the buffalo hooves
And the fury in the pheasant's wings
And there's fury in a pheasant's wings
It tells me the Lord is in His temple
And there is still a faith
That can make the mountains move
And a love that can make the heavens ring
And I've seen love make heaven ring

Where the sacred rivers meet
Beneath the shadow of the Keeper of the plains
I feel thunder in the sky
I see the sky about to rain
And I hear the prairies calling out Your name

From the place where morning gathers
You can look sometimes forever 'til you see
What time may never know
What time may never know
How the Lord takes by its corners this old world
And shakes us forward and shakes us free
To run wild with the hope
To run wild with the hope

The hope that this thirst will not last long
That it will soon drown in the song
Not sung in vain
And I feel thunder in the sky
I see the sky about to rain
And I hear the prairies calling out Your name


Amstaff Mom said...

I can almost hear the instrument that he always uses in his songs playing in the background when I read this. I like that our church combines their music with the old and the new, because if I didn't here It is Well, Be Still Me Soul, or Be Thou My Vision every so often I would be so sad.

And I'm with you, I'm glad we don't do skits either. Do you go to the same church as Jes? Just curious, I don't know where you go.

Deals On Wheels said...

So, I dance the “Episco-disco” (at least that is what I call it). In the Episcopalian Church (or, at least, MY Episcopalian church) we sing hymns that no one can actually sing. All of the songs have notes in them that only dogs can hear (I definitely cannot hit them, but then again I am far from being a soprano. Actually, I'm far from being a singer, but I digress...). Everyone in the congregation (except those few who can actually sing) seems to deal with the song by singing it in a rather...uh..."monotone" way (you know, because we cannot hit the super high notes). When this happens even a happy hymn can somehow sound a little depressing, which kind of makes me giggle a bit (which, I know, is the wrong reaction). There we all are, hymnals in hand, singing Hallelujah like someone just ran over our pet dog or something. The words and the noise are so contradicting!

Of course, it doesn't help that the pastor at my church has a boom-box (because we cannot find an organ player). He is like, "We will now sing Hymn number 523" and then he picks up the stereo remote and hits the "play" button. Totally cracks me up (again, I know that this isn't the reaction that the pastor is going for, but - c'mon! It's kind of funny).

Anyway, I just thought that I'd share...

JLR said...

deals: I totally want to go to your church.