Friday, September 30, 2005

Oh, one of those days

It’s that kind of day. Today I was later to work than I wanted to be because
(i) this morning on my drive to school, my purse fell over and my cell phone slid out, and I forgot to look for it, so then when I got in my car to go to work I remembered and had to hunt around for it; and
(ii) whilst waiting to cross the street, I stood there for several minutes until I realized that the little walk man, or as jes corrected me, the non-gender-specific walking figure, was never going to appear, because I’d never pressed the button. I’m glad I finally realized it. Otherwise, I might still be standing there.

When I was getting ready to leave this morning, I realized that I had forgotten to read for class. How do you forget to read for class? I don’t know the answer to that, but it happened yesterday, too.

I also had a law review incident wherein now I will have to be the bad guy and cause several people not to like me because of their own general incompetence, which I hate. I mean, I don’t mind people not liking me, but I hate it when someone does something wrong, and then they turn on the person who calls them on it. Grr. Why can’t we all just get along?

Then I got to work and, thinking today was Monday, started to ask jes how her weekend was. When I told her that, she didn’t laugh at me, but just gave me a look and told me that her weekend was fine.

And I have gotten exactly two things done today because I can’t focus. Let’s face it, I would rather be (i) shopping for new fall clothes, or (ii) shopping for new fall shoes, or (iii) AT THE FAIR.


Amstaff Mom said...

This reminds me of the ol' Incident Reports that RR used to list. I hate it when the purse dumps and contents spill. RATS!

He-he - the non-gender-specific walking figure. Never really thought about it, but so true.

"Why can’t we all just get along?" - Hubby always says this line.

I went shopping last night, AND FOUND JEANS THAT FIT ME!!! WAHOO!!!
So what if I have tried on at least, no lie, 20 pairs in the last week. BUT THESE...FIT! YEA!

Katie said...

Three posts one day - WOW.

JLR said...

Katie: I know!

AM: that is quite the accomplishment. Personally, I am still looking.

I fixed the link, by the way.

ssedor (cedar?)

Deals On Wheels said...

Wow. It totally must be a twin thing. I asked Rachel if she could pick me up for work next Tuesday and Wednesday, and she said:

"So, what you're saying is that you want me to pick you up tomorrow?"

I was like, " Not tomorrow. On Tuesday."

"Tuesday IS tomorrow," replied RR.

" Tomorrow is Saturday. Please don't pick me up for work tomorrow, because I'm not going."

About 5 seconds or so passed with RR looking more than a little confused. Then she looked at me and said, "Wow. I guess you are right."

So, yeah...definitely a twin thing. No one else forgets to have a weekend.

Oh, and about the "non-gender-specific walking figure":

So, yesterday RR and I are in my car and we are driving back to work after lunch (and a dog walk). We stop at a red light, and there is a woman with a gallon of milk waiting to cross the street. Everyone is stopped and there are no cars coming.

RR turns to me and asks, "I wonder what she is waiting for? There are no cars coming."

I respond with, "She's waiting for the white man."

Yeah, I totally didn't mean it that way...

MsThang said...

hhahaha "non-gender specific walking man" that is hilarious.

And I rather be shopping for new clothes or shoes right now rather than a)be back in Italy or b)be back to work.

Lia said...

shoes. i vote for shoes.