Friday, October 28, 2005

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Worst Week Ever.

Picture the comic book guy from The Simpsons saying that, because that's what keeps going through my head. That, and "The Turkey in the Straw."

It wasn't actually the worst week ever. No one died, I didn't crash my car, my apartment didn't burn down, etc. But it was an incredibly exhausting yet unproductive week, and now I am so behind in school that I'm starting to panic. But I have talked to other 3Ls, and apparently, they are in the same situation--burnout. We are all experiencing a mild panicking sensation in the back of our minds but still find ourselves not actually getting any work done.

But at least the school week is over. I'm so tired I could barely drag myself into class this morning, and I'm seeing the work day is going to be full of moments when I realize I've just been staring into space, but at least I have a weekend full of studying to look forward to.

No, really, I'm looking forward to it. Because then maybe I can catch up and not be so freaked out. That's right, baby! This weekend, Federal Income Tax Law, it's just you and me! Well, and laundry. Just Federal Income Tax, laundry, and me!


Amstaff Mom said...

Poor JLR!!! It doesn't sound like a very pleasant week. Was it just Sunday that we were at the fair? It sounds like a long time ago!

Hopefully next week will be better.

steve said...

i had one of those also! Glad.its.OVER!

MsThang said...

I had a long week of pain :( But plus to that was I slept for 3 days straight (just about, was heavily medicated).. I hope that you are able to catch up on your studies this weekend

Oh and I am sure I will asking for advice on how to NOT go crazy when I take on a full semester and full time work next semester.