Friday, October 14, 2005

This & That

I don't have any one thing that would make an interesting post, so I'm just throwing a bunch of stuff together.

(1) I have developed a serious affinity for clif bars, and in particular the Peanut Toffee Buzz flavor. So yummy.

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No Trans Fat!

(2) Last night I saw my favorite Simpson's episode of all time, which also happens to be one of my favorite episodes of any show ever. It's the Cape Feare episode. So classic. In my mind, it ranks up there with my favorite episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, in which Patricia's Heaton's character utters the fabulous line that's true, I think, in every marriage: "If smells bothered me, I'd have left him a looong time ago."

(3) I'm going to lunch with a friend today, but all I can think about is a clif bar.

(4) I seriously hate 4 out of 5 of my classes. They are painfully boring. I mean, I actually have to bite my tongue to keep from standing up, yelling "That's IT! I cannot take this anymore!" and running out. It's a miracle that I'm still going to class at this point.

(5) I'm extremely excited about going to the gym this weekend. The new rec center has t.v.'s for each individual treadmill (so I'm told), and the t.v.'s have cable. This was true of my old gym, and I would walk for hours at a time (I don't have cable at home, because I would watch it for hours at a time). Yea! I might actually get in shape, provided I ever actually make it over there. It's all the way across campus, and I don't like to mingle with the undergrads. If you went to school here, you'd understand why.

That's all, folks! It's about time for me to start preparing for exams, so the posts will get progressively more boring as the semester goes on. I apologize in advance.


Amstaff Mom said...

I like the mix/match post. Where can one find these Clif bars. The word "Organic" stood out to me in a fabulous way.

Don't you love it when your favorite episode comes on the TV? Greatness.

Have a great weekend JLR!

RR said...

AM, you can buy the Clif bars at Central Market. Some regular grocery stores also carry them. They are soooo yummy. I could probably eat about 4 or 5 at a time.

Lia said...

You have my deep and abiding empathy on the boring classes front. feel similarly about mine. All five of mine, actually. They're so boring, sometimes I can't even remember what classes I'm taking.

Deals On Wheels said...

I SO want to climb the rock wall...

Eddo said...

Now I am hungry for a Clif bar too!


JLR said...

mmm. . . clif bar . . .