Monday, October 17, 2005

What is going on with me, anyway?

I’m looking a little frazzled today. I stayed up way too late last night watching the Walker, Texas Ranger t.v. movie that was filmed in Dallas (the only reason I was watching it). Then this morning, I was awakened before it was time for to get up by a car in the street outside my apartment honking his horn. Finally, my neighbor went outside and yelled at him that people were trying to sleep, which he didn’t like, prompting him to yell, I’m not kidding, “don’t make me kill you, white bitch.” I’m not sure who he was honking at, but he drove off after that, so I hope no one was counting on him for a ride. I was very irritated, because I really need every minute of sleep I can get.

I made coffee for myself to take to school, but then promptly left it at home. I couldn’t drink it while I was getting ready for school because I woke up nauseated, so I had sprite instead. So I had to wait until I go to work to get coffee.

Speaking of coffee, last week I threw what was left in my mocha in the trash but forgot to put the trash in the hall and forgot that the cleaning staff doesn't have a key to my office. So on Sunday I got to play, "what's that smell," a.k.a. "find the funk." There's just nothing like the smell of milk gone bad greeting you as you walk in the door.

Last week was a spectacular display of absent-mindedness on my part, and I hope that the coffee-leaving isn’t a sign that it’s continuing into this week. Last week, I managed to lose my keys and not find them for two days. RR had to drive me to school and pick me up. Then on another day I left my books at home. RR even stopped me as I was walking out the door and pointed out the books that I had left on our entry-way table (in order to remind me to take them). Not only did I tell her that I didn’t need them because they weren’t for my classes that day (this despite the fact that I was rushing around to leave in time for my early class, so clearly I did know what class I was going to), I gave her a run-down on why I brought them home in the first place, a story that didn’t make any sense, and I knew it didn’t make sense as it was coming out of my mouth. But the fact that I couldn’t give a rational explanation for them being there didn’t prompt to realize that I did need them, until I got to school. RR brought me my books. Seriously, she was the only thing holding me together. Then yesterday, I relayed to my mom something my dad had said, and then she looked at me funny and said, “I said that.” See? What is going on with me? My mom chalked it up to stress and “burning the candle at both ends,” which it probably is, but since that’s not going to stop anytime soon, I’m not sure what to do about it.

On the upside, I did finally go walking at the rec center last night. As predicted, I walked for an hour and 15 minutes, and would have walked longer if I hadn’t needed to get home to tape Walker for rr. VH1 was playing Top 100 One Hit Wonders, and I mean really, who wouldn’t want to watch that? For the record, I love Big Country, and I really miss New Wave.


Amstaff Mom said...

You walked for an hour and 15 minutes?!?! Did you sweat???

It sounds like you've got an awful lot going on these days. Don't forget to take the time to smell the roses! Instead of the stale, rotten coffee.

Sydney said...

whew.... so it's not just me that forgets things and loses her keys... I lost mine in Walmart one time... oh yes... quite fun.. I had to backtrack everywhere I had been and there they were laying on the shelf were I had placed them! I feel your pain!

MsThang said...

I remember back to the summer when I was stressed out from taking 2 classes in the summer and not doing my online classes in a logical everyday manner and cramming it all into one day on the day it was due.. anyways I was forgetting ALOT of stuff! Like not being ontime for work, forgetting my room card/key, or the keys for work.. it was horrible!

I agree with you, you just need to find a way to vent out your stress until it's all over. I will be right with you starting the winter when I brave taking on full time school and full time work!

jes said...

you went to the rec center! hooray!!! and the yoga classes?

JLR said...

AM: Yes, I did sweat a little bit (it takes me a while to work up one). I don't mind sweating when I work out, so long as I have an opportunity to shower very soon after.

Syd: you, at least, have reason to be absent-minded.

Msthang: I do not know how you will do full-time school and full-time work. There's just not enough hours in the day! You'll have to cut out all the non-essentials, like friends and sleep.

Jes: not the rec center uptown. The school rec center. I still haven't made it to the cheap yoga classes.

Ben said...

Whose Big Country?

JLR said...

Ben, oh you did not just say that.

Amstaff Mom said...

I wish it took a long time for me to sweat. I'm like a fountain. Geesh!

Deals On Wheels said...

Question: If BIG COUNTRY is a WHO instead of a WHAT, can he get with the DANCING HAMPSTER? Because I think that would be funny (and then you wouldn't have to miss BIG COUNTRY anymore).

JLR said...

*moment of speechlessness while I comprehend the depth of your ignorance on music matters*

Were you people not even alive during the 80s? Big Country is a Scottish band that was very big in the UK but here only had one really big hit (also called "Big Country"), and it's one of my favorite songs ever, and you guys need boyfriends.

Ok, you don't, but it's a standard line that rr and I use (borrowed from Teen Girl Squad). And you do need to brush up on your music education.

Deals On Wheels said...

Since I was BORN in the 80's, I really do not feel like I came into consciousness until the 90's.

So, to answer you question: NO!


Amstaff Mom said...

Gee, thanks Deals, I feel nice and old now. I was born in the 70's.

old. (sigh)

Ben said...

Seriously, what song did they sing that "was so great"?