Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Yea! Last final done! And it wasn't awful!

Thanks to rr, Amstaff Mom, Deals, and Ben, for all your prayers. I really think they helped today. And I apologize for being all drama queenish, and I thank you for supporting me anyway.

And today I get to do some fun things like:
put away laundry!
shred junk mail!

That may not sound like fun to you, but it will be wonderful for me. I've spent the last few weeks fearing that there might be something living in my room without me knowing. Anytime one of my cats looked a little to interested in poking around in a pile of stuff on my floor, I would be sure that it was because something was in there. Any noise I heard while laying in bed, I'd think to myself " . . . was that rustling?" and start to panic because I just knew something was living amongst the debris. So I'd end up staring at the ceiling, concentrating very hard on determining what that sound was, and did it sound like something that might jump on me in the middle of the night, or maybe give me the plague. I mean, I'm very sanitary in that I do my dishes and I clean my bathroom and all that, but I am so messy. I have piles of books and papers stacked everywhere. And the clothes. Oh, the clothes. So today, I'm putting all that stuff away.

And while I'm doing it, I'm going to listen to Christmas music to get into the spirit of my favorite season. And I will sing it loudly. Be so thankful that you are not within hearing range.


Deals On Wheels said...


YEY! So when do you want to celebrate by borrowing my oh-so awesome vacuum?! ;)

Ben said...


You're still alive! No Nervous Breakdown! One more semester under your belt!

Woo Hoo!

If you really want to celebrate... you can fly up to Minnesota and vacuum our floors.


(Yes I am poking fun a deals.)

Katie said...


got here late but I offer prayers post-test (hey God isn't bound by time so you never know)

steve said...


Time for Christmas movies! LOTS OF CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!

Ben said...


Wow... that comment was crazy-deep.

That's what I like about you... you ALWAYS make me think.

JLR said...

Actually, ben, I do want to use her vacuum. What can I say, it's the little things. And in fact I was just about to blog about it.

Katie: thank you! And as you say, it isn't too late to pray about it.

steve-o: we are making our list, and checking it twice, because we are watching every single one we can think of.

steve said...

Me too! I seriously am just on a Christmas movie RAMPAGE!!


Amstaff Mom said...

So HAPPY for you! YEA YEA YEA! And I love that when you describe your room, I actually know what it looks like! Sans the clothes and papers.

JLR said...

steve: so far, all I've had time for is Miracle on 34th Street (the original, natch) and a myriad of cheesy made-for-television Christmas movies that I am not above watching. But I'm pulling Christmas movie overtime this weekend.

AM: it's really, really sad. Almost every inch of floor space is taken up. I just have a little path through the room so I can navigate.