Thursday, December 22, 2005

Oh what fun it is to ride on a World Market fold up chair

Hello, all, and Merry Christmas! I have been enjoying my break so far, although it is flying by. Of course I've been watching Christmas movies, which is awesome, as always. I still am haunted by that feeling of too much to do, too little time, but I'm working on making that go away.

RR and I did enjoy having the DYSON, but as to how well it works in comparison to other vacuums, I can’t tell you, because I forgot to vacuum with my vacuum first and then use the DYSON, so for all I know the DYSON didn’t pick up any more than my current vacuum does. But it did seem to work well, the carpet looked very nice when we were done, and we had a big ol' pile of stuff in the cannister to prove it. Unfortunately, it was not immune to the ability rr and I have to break any vacuum. The DYSON is now making an Unidentifiable Noise of Indeterminate Origin (“UNIO”). Deals assures us that it is not supposed to make that noise. In our defense, it’s not that it sucked up anything in our home that killed it—it was making that noise the first time we turned it on. But somehow, merely transporting it into our apartment was enough to do it in. I wanted to take it apart to try to figure out the problem, but rr wouldn’t let me. I wasn’t going to do anything to its insides, I just wanted to look, because maybe we could figure it out.

But she wouldn't let me.

Anyway, I would like to try the vacuum again sometime when it isn't making that noise, but I think the next time I try one, it will be my own, because I can't take the guilt of breaking another person's vacuum (especially someone who loves her vacuum so much that she practically writes poems to it). It's very upsetting.

In other news, I am cleaning my room today. I have some large trash bags and a shovel. Perhaps I should get a HazMat suit. It’s really . . . I don’t even know where to start. Papers everywhere.

My cat Gabbers has started a new habit. She likes to get in my desk chair via the end of my bed. Only she hasn’t caught on to the fact that it’s a folding chair, and when she puts all her weight on the back end of it, it slides her right off of it. And sometimes I catch her getting on the chair from my bed and rush over there to grab the end of the chair so it doesn’t fold up on her, but then I have to stand there holding the seat while she just sits on the other side and mews at me. If she doesn’t stand on the seat, then she tries to come into the chair by balancing on the teeny, tiny back of the chair, and though she’s a small cat, she’s not, you know, two-dimensional, so she doesn’t fit. It’s sad. And she keeps doing it!!!

But she’s so timid, I can’t yell at her like I do at Wally, because then she’ll be afraid of me. Already she will run out of any room if you approach her to confrontationally (i.e. walk in her direction), so if you want to get by her without startling her, you have to walk by her backwards, making sure that you don’t face her at all. This can be difficult to do sometimes. So I don’t want to make her anymore skittish, especially since rr already takes it personally, like she’s some kind of giant, cat-scaring ogre. I have many times heard her saying from the other room, in a sad, defeated voice, “that’s right, Gabby, run away from the big, scary feet!”

The other thing that has been taking up my time lately, other than humoring my cat, has been playing The Movies. I don’t think it’s everyone’s cup of tea, but I am seriously addicted. Unfortunately, I can’t play it today because I have to clean up the big mess that is my room and then do some stuff for school, but I’ll be thinking about it. Well, maybe just five minutes.


Amstaff Mom said...

I can SO hear RR saying that to the cat, in a dejected voice, of course. Too funny!

Merry Christmas JLR and RR!

Deals On Wheels said...

Okay, I turned on the vacuum and it made the weird noise. However, it only makes the noise when it is on CARPET mode. Since I've stolen all of my grandmother's old, nice rugs (and have hard wood floors) I never use it on CARPET mode. I always use it on FLOOR mode.

Actually, I've never used it on CARPET mode until I plugged it in the other day and it was on CARPET mode (presumably because you two put it on CARPET mode while using it). Since I've never used it on CARPET mode before, I'm not sure that there is any proof that it made the noise before or after it went to your apartment. I might have purchased a CARPET mode defective vacuum to begin with - who knows?!

Anyway, the vacuum works wonderfully (without any horrible noises) on FLOOR mode, at least). So, I'm still happy (plus, there is a warranty on it, so I'm not really all that concerned).

Although, RR mentioned that you wanted to unscrew the screws on the front of the vacuum in order to discover the root of the noise problem. I've looked and looked and I have yet to find any such screws on the vacuum. This leads me to my next question: JLR, where are these screws, and more importantly, when can you come over with a screwdriver (because I cannot say that I'm not curious)? Maybe we should plan an evening of vacuum unscrewing and GALAXY QUEST? Let me know (and, yes, I know that this means that you will first have to seek the permission of RR, both cats, your parents, yourself, SMU Law, and - just for good measure - RR again).

Tony Myles said...

Beware of addicting games... they get in the way of all New Year's Resolutions.