Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Dancing with the Stars, baby!

Yeah, like you aren't excited about it.


Anyway, school hasn't started back up yet, but law review has, so I'm sitting in my office as we speak, editing away. I didn't get anything done this break, unless you count gaining a few pounds as an accomplishment, but I'm listening to tunes by great artists such as Tears for Fears and Glass Tiger, so it's all good.


Tia Carrera? Tatum O'Neil? George Hamilton? Come on, it's George Hamilton! You know you're going to watch.


Amstaff Mom said...

AUGHH!!!! I was going to watch it, and I MISSED it.

BUT!! You're back! I was going to send you and that sister of yours an email and see if y'all were o.k. You have been missed. MISSED.

Deals On Wheels said...

George Hamilton? Really?!

When I was a freshman in college I used to watch MATCHGAME with a bunch of the kids on my floor. George Hamilton was a regular, and I always thought that he was unnecessarily tan.

I've never seen DANCING WITH THE STARS, but I am curious about Mr. Hamilton (not to mention his old-man-tan). Any information that you can provide about this topic would be greatly appreciated...


Ben said...

You know... George Hamilton does have an old-man-tan.


Never really thought about it... just always thought he looked goofy. Maybe that is why.

jes said...

i have never watched the show. but i'm rooting for drew lachey.

only because he is nick lachey's brother, and i am totally mad at jessica simpson.

we're not on speaking terms right now.