Saturday, February 11, 2006

Right, so . . . ok, then.

So I’m sitting here getting some work done, and I’m taking a sip of bottled water, good ol’ H20, and I notice the smell of dog. This alarms me, naturally, because there is no dog in my office. So my first thought was that is was my coffee, because it’s Starbucks, so you never know. But that wasn’t it. So then I thought, ‘oh, man, is it me?’ I sniffed my shirt, because, yes, I’m wearing clean clothes, but I’m around dogs a lot, so you just never know, and that scared me, because what do you do if your CLEAN clothes smell like dog? But that wasn’t it. My shirt has only the pleasant scent of Surf.

So that just left . . . yep, it’s my water.


EmmaSometimes said...


dog water.

I'd say that's worse than when I got a latte at our local hospital and it tasted like a hot dog.

JLR said...

eeeeeeeewwwwww! I must respectfully disagree! At least I can say that water *could* taste like dog if had been in an open container that was near a dog and it had somehow absorbed the dog smell. But a latte should never, ever taste like a hot dog. Oh, poor, poor you. Especially 'cause, if you were really desperate for caffeine, you might have to drink it anyway.

Dog water's pretty bad, though.

At least it's not hot ham water.

Amstaff Mom said...

hot ham water? who thinks of that??

and ewww.

Katie said...

i just gagged on the hot ham water comment

and hello, where was the water from please, so I may avoid it at all costs.

I remember living in DC and the tap water had so much chlorine in it that drinking pool water was more plesant. A Brita filter was a required piece of kitchen equipment at that time in my life

JLR said...

hot ham water is an Arrested Development reference. :)

The water was bottled water and I think it was Dasani. It's whatever they sell at school, so it will be a coca-cola product. The water has always been just fine in the past. I don't know what happened this time. I drank it anyway, though, and suffered no ill effects. Yet.

Amstaff Mom said...

maybe it was just the plastic container.

*crosses fingers in hope*

EmmaSometimes said...

Oh, I wouldn't quite classify hot dogs as ham, although, I wouldn't quite classify hot dogs as any kind of meat.

giggles over your 'hot hamming'.

Deals On Wheels said...

Katie: There was a lot more in DC water than a little chlorine. My favorite was the lead levels in the tap water there...that always seemed, you know, healthy and all.

JLR: Gyspy Kitty made you the water from the water in her doggie bowl. She thought that you might get thirsty, and wanted to help.

Also, Dolly wants to know where she can pick up some of this "hot ham water". She thinks that there might be a market for it at PetSmart next to the raw-hide and pig ears.

Ben said...