Wednesday, February 01, 2006

See, that's the side of you that no one wants to see

I have this class at school that is basically a discussion class, and I don’t like it because That Guy is in it. Well, of course he is. There’s always That Guy.

Wait, I don’t know That Guy, you say.

Oh, yes, you do. That Guy, as in, “please, don’t be that guy.” That Guy is the one who always has something to say, and even though it’s not something anyone wants to listen to, That Guy cannot be deterred from saying it. That Guy prevents any group discussion from being an informative, interesting, helpful one and turns it into either a soliloquy, because no one wants to actually respond and therefore actually engage him in a conversation, or a smack down, because everyone wants to respond, and how.

This particular That Guy is married to a woman who is cute and intelligent, and I don’t understand what she sees in That Guy. I think less of her for it.

That Guy thinks that his definition of word is the right definition of a word. If it’s his opinion, it must be right. That Guy says things that are not pertinent to the discussion and make no sense, and yet he takes an extraordinarily long time to say it.

At the end of the first class, my friend turned to me and said “I see that you’ve made it your mission to challenge everything he says. . . .

And I support you in that.”

Well, of course she does! Because nobody likes That Guy! You should see the looks on the face of the guy who sits next to him. I find them highly amusing. Only, it makes me a little nervous, because it forces me to wonder what faces I’m making.

Yesterday, That Guy said that a legal tradition based on religion is more tolerant than a secular legal tradition. What the--? Ok, I’m a hardcore Christian, and I loves me some Jesus, but, in the words of a favorite movie, that don’t make no sense. Because if God tells me not to do something, I’m just not going to do that, and no amount of negotiating will cause me to change my position. If we’re negotiating a contract, and I want to give you a loan at 7% interest, and you want 5%, you might just talk me down to at least 6%. But if you are going to sell me a car, and my end of the deal would involve me violating a tenet of my religion, I just won’t do it.

So it’s stuff like that, all through class.

In retrospect, I may have been overzealous in my, um, respectful disagreement.

By the end of the class, my comments are on the sarcastic side. I began at least one sentence with the phrase, “So, what you’re saying is,” which, if you know me well, you know is the phrase I use before I nail your a-- to the wall. After using said expression I will then paraphrase your previous comment in a concise, clear way, so that you can agree that, yes, you did mean to say what I thought you just said. I just like to give you a chance to clarify that you are actually an idiot before I call you one, and then explain why.

And of course, that’s not exactly Christian-like behavior. So I’m working on it. But That Guy, THAT GUY, makes it so, so hard.

Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with That Guy? Besides leaping across the table and throwing him out the window, because I'm way ahead of you on that one.


Deals On Wheels said...


RR and I work with THAT guy, and to clarify, our guy is a different guy than JLR's guy. Different "guys", same annoying arrogance and general stupidity.

I'm surprised each and every day that goes by that I manage to not go "leaping across the table" in an effort to throw my particular GUY "out the window". Of course, I work on the first floor, so the act of throwing someone out of the window would really just be pushing them out of the window onto the grass. Not nearly as much fun.

As I stated in a morning email to RR, “Stupid boys…”

Deals On Wheels said...

"Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!"

(Sorry, I just LOVE that movie!!)

HMc said...

Stab him with a pen!

Amstaff Mom said...

My brother-in-law was talking about THAT guy this morning. Evidently he's in his Bible study too.

Sorry, JLR, but I guess he's just filling the requirements of having a "THAT guy" in every group.

JLR said...

hmc: hahahaha! Personally, I have always found that to be very good advice.

deals: I think you should throw your That Guy out the window, because it would be funny to see, even if it didn't actually accomplish anything. And hey, stress relief.

AM: sad, but true. Everyone can relate. Except for That Guy, who would have no idea what I was talking about.

Oh, and deals: "Did you guys ever watch the show?"

EmmaSometimes said...

My, ehmmm, father, is THAT guy. I grew up around THAT guy. I started to become THAT guy, or gal, as it may be. People like that give me the same ideas (sending him superman-ing out the window)

Anyway, if he is that foolish, then he is not worth conversing with, because he does not want to listen only argue. It will only make you frustrated and he obviously thinks he is right. I would think the moderator or teacher would put an end to his constant windbagging?? Yes? No?

Believe me, I am all for confronting a problem head on and truthfully at that, but ignoring a fool is far better than engaging with one.

JLR said...

That Guy was actually well-behaved in class yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised.

BK: You'd THINK the professor would intervene, but he doesn't. :( But you're right that arguing with him is pretty pointless.

Ben said...

I think you need to squeel like a pig and say "there is something wrong with YOUR abdullah oblongata" as you tackle him.

Worked for the water boy.

jes said...

I think That Guy was behind me in the grocery line last night.

Lia said...

Funny. I have THAT GUY in a non-discussion class. And the professor is too polite to stop him. And on the rare occasions the prof says something, THAT GUY keeps right on going.

JLR said...

Jes: the grocery store is not a good place to run into That Guy. It brings out the worst in me.

Lia: grr. You should interrupt him with your own comments whenever he starts talking.

Foo said...

I'd comment, but I don't want to be That Guy. Besides... your theme—attractive and fun as it is—is making me think I smell oranges, so now I have to go to the kitchen and find one to eat.

JLR said...

foo: well, thanks for stopping by anyway!