Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Am In Control Day

Thanks to Deals, I'm having fun with holidays. I used to have fun with holidays through, but then they started making you set up an account, which I refuse to do, so I had to give that up. And now the fun is back! Today's holiday is I am in Control Day, which is appropriate, because that's what I chant to myself all day, every day. [March 9, Panic Day, is one I've celebrated for years, and I seem to have my own motto of "make EVERYDAY panic day."]

So about today's holiday:

I am in Control Day
When : Always March 30th

On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was wounded in an assassination attempt. Lots of confusion prevailed. In the White House, then Secretary of State Alexander Haig was taken a little out of context when he said "I am in control here". Instead of focusing upon the entire statement, people and the press foscused upon these few words. Political uproar eventually led to his resignation.

On that infamous day, I am in Control Day was born.

History sometimes fades with time. Alexander Haig's statement was all but forgotten. Meanwhile, this special day continued on, and evolved. People came to think about this day in a different context. They personalized it into a day to get their life in control. In that sense, today is definitely a call to action. "I am in Control Day" is your chance to get things in order and under control.

Most likely, the first step is to take a deep breath and relax. Now, assess the situation, and.......... get things under control. Once you have accomplished this today, you can work on staying in control everyday.

Important Note: This day is closely related to Panic Day (March 9th) Perhaps you went through Panic Day before getting things under control, and you are now celebrating!?

Also, don't forget the real roots of I Am in Control Day, as spoken by Secretary of State Alexander Haig in 1981.


Amstaff Mom said...

I think I'm somewhere in between the two of those holidays just about everyday. My life is routine enough that there aren't too many "In a Panic" days.

Life is good (for now).

Deals On Wheels said...

There should be an official "I hate the world day". RR understands...

Amstaff Mom said...

Enjoyed seeing you today!!!

Ben said...

Is there any day that we are really in control? Alexander Haig didn't get it.