Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tales from New York (or what there are of them)

Ok, so nothing really, really eventful happened when we were in New York. Did a lot of sight-seeing. Had really great frozen hot chocolate here. Got sunburn in Central Park (not happy about the peeling nose). Shopped at the Gap every day (I had bad judgment in my packing decisions). Walked and walked and walked and walked. Got very sore feet (see previous comment--my pretty new Puma's weren't as good for walking the entire length of Manhatten as I'd hoped). Lugged my laptop all over Greenwich Village. Got addicted to Naked Fruit juice. Oh, and rr fainted.

That's right. Passed right out on the hotel room floor.

We weren't sure what happened, but it scared the pants off of me and my mom. I mean, I cannot remember the last time I was that freaked out. Here's what happened. I was still on the bed sort of half asleep. I heard my sister telling my mom that she was sorry and she needed to go lie down (my sister was helping my mom get her stuff together to for her meetings that day--mom was there working). My mom must have seen that rr looked terrible, because she was helping her back to bed . . . and that's when I heard this thump (my sister later asked me if I would "describe the sound as 'hitchcockian'"). My mom told me that my sister had just fainted and I bolted out of bed. There she was, crumpled up on the floor. My mom hadn't been able to catch her, because rr had decided that she'd really needed to lie down immediately, so she'd made a rush for the bed. But she didn't make it. She woke up immediately to the sounds of me "oh my gosh, oh my gosh"ing. She didn't understand why we were upset--she thought she'd fallen asleep on the bed.

It was scary.

But she seems to be ok now.

And now, when I think of this NY trip, I will think of (1) being bone-tired with aching, sore feet walking all over creation, and (2) the scariest moment I've had in recent memory. So . . . yeah. That was my trip. But if it scared me, I think that rr must have been terrified. Because we really have no idea what happened. So, this trip will not go down as the most fun we've ever had.

And now back to school in time for finals! Yea!


Amstaff Mom said...

Poor RR!!! And poor you, JLR! I bet that scared the living daylights out of you. Seeing her all crumpled on the floor like that.

Sounds like it was a memorable trip to say the least.

I need to go back and click on your links now.

Deals On Wheels said...

Yeah, so RR just told me her version of the story, and she was very yeah-well-I-fainted-but-I-didn't-faint-again-so-whatever about it. Well, at least while she was telling the story (she did admit later that on she was concerned and a little panicky after the fainting incident, but didn't want to spread the panic to you or mommy dearest). I guess it is a good thing, since you were already in a dither about it.

Poor RR, and poor RR's family who had to see poor, little RR crumbled up on the hotel room floor!

Although, I am SO happy that she chose to faint with you guys up in NYC than with me in Beaumont or Austin. Had she fainted with me – especially after the biking incident – you would have forbade her to go anywhere with me ever again…

Amstaff Mom said...

the word "forbade" is WAY-underused.

Way to go, Deals.

Deals On Wheels said...

AM: Haha! So true!

jes said...

oh, poor RR. but i'm glad she woke up so quickly, and that it was to the sweet, sweet sound of your "Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my goshing."

and, frozen hot chocolate? please elaborate.