Thursday, May 04, 2006


It’s a good thing that I’m almost done with school, because I have reached that point at which I just don’t want to study anymore. I’m sick and tired of it. Right now I’m studying for my wills, trusts, and estates exam. If you have a question about drafting your will, then I’m . . . not your girl. I don’t know what I’m doing. I didn’t pay attention in that class—I was too busy IM’ing my friends and reading Television Without Pity. Our prof was really nice, but he started every class with a recap of the last class, which, ok, I was there, and I took notes, so do we need to write it all down again? Can’t we just have a “you snooze, you lose” policy? Then he’d lecture for a while, and ask questions, and all that was fine, but then he’d ask someone about their opinion. “Ms. Smith, what do you think about that? Which system do you think is better, the Maryland law or the UPC?” Right there, he’d lose me. I do not care about the opinions of others. It’s part of my charm.

Seriously, why do I care what my classmate prefers? Especially since said classmate, being a graduating 3L, does not even have an opinion, she’s taking this class in preparation for the bar—just like every other student in the room. She does not care enough about the topic to actually formulate an opinion one way or the other.

Oh, I take that back. Someone cares. The same someone in every class who volunteers to speak and let us all know how he feels. That’s right, it’s That Guy. The same That Guy that I have blogged about previously. He and about 3 other classmates actually do have opinions, for reasons that I cannot understand, especially since they usually aren’t opinions worth voicing.

I do get very cranky around exam time. I have trouble getting situated. The other day I decided that there was no place in my apartment that was ergonomically designed and that I needed to create my own space, so I took a large box and fashioned my own study surface. Rr has been very sweet about it and not at all mocking me, very “sweetie, if you’re looking for your “desk,” it’s in my room.” She always puts up with my neuroticism around finals time.

And then I'm easily distracted by everything. The mess that is my apartment. The fact that my bathroom reeks of mildew (yea, old buildings!). The fact that my kitchen smells of . . . egg salad? I don't know. I think it's the garbage disposal (yea! old disposals!). We certainly haven't eaten eggs of any sort in a long time (requires cooking, which we don't do).

So anyway, I’m tired of studying. And that’s bad, because in about two weeks, I will be doing more studying than I’ve ever done in my life. Yea! Prepping for the bar! So much fun!

But I need to be positive. So, we’ll say that it will be character-building. And hey, spending seven to ten hours a day, six days a week in a room with my friends cramming for an exam is still seven to ten hours a day with my friends, right? And then, by August it will all be over, and God willing, I will never have to take another exam as long as I live (except for the occasional eye exam).


Katie said...

so what you're saying is that you need a never ending supply of coffee delived to your door each morning

Amstaff Mom said...

Hang in there JLR!! I feel weary after reading how much you are having to study. Bless your heart.

"I do not care about the opinions of others. It’s part of my charm."

HA HA HA! Oh, that's funny.

EmmaSometimes said...

coffee = good

Stress = bad

August + coffee = good

egg salad + disposal = bad

egg salad + baking soda = good

That Guy + egg salad = "same value cannot compute"

That Guy + duct tape = good

EmmaSometimes said...

PS. Im glad to see you again!!

JLR said...

KT: Yes, please. I will take that as you volunteering. Currently, I am on a caramel frappuccino kick. Make it so.

AM: Thanks for the encouragement!

Em: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my goodness, I laughed at that one.

KT: my word verification is commanding you to bring me coffee. It said, I kid you not, "ahemkt."

as in


Implying the question, "where is my coffee?"

Amstaff Mom said...

JLR - no one should have to smell egg salad, especially in their garbage disposal. *full body shiver/shudder*

Lia said...

This IS my life. I could have written that post. It's the same with my Engineering Law class - except the professor never lectures. He goes over homework, starts asking opinions, and then puts in a video and leaves. And we're expected to take notes on the video.

And we have That Guy too. He cares. The rest of us are a bunch of engineers stuck in a law class, required for a master's degree. And then there's me. I've forgotten why I'm there.

So it could be worse. And next year you'll be making six figures. And suddenly the first figure won't be one. Nope. No sympathy from me.

RR said...

Lia: oh, please do feel sorry for her next year. Next year she will be working as a clerk for a judge, and she will be making only a little more than what she made when she worked as an administrative assistant some years ago, plus she'll have enough student loan debt to pay for a small house. We will be eating a lot of ramen noodles and will continue to live in the suburban pseudo-ghetto (you know, mildew, infestations, crumbling ceilings, but not as much crime as one would find in an actual ghetto). It's the student loan debt that's really going to be painful. I hope you don't have to have the same (although I've heard that engineers can make pretty good money--here's hoping you can be one of the ones who does).

JLR said...

lia: yes, please continue to feel sorry for me! I will not be making the big bucks. Trust me. Not all lawyers do, and I'll be one of those that doesn't.