Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's the Little Things that Make Things Interesting, Don't You Think?

I haven't had much going on lately other than school and studying, but I thought I'd share, anyway. Yesterday, I quickly wrote down a few thoughts while waiting for rr to get home from work:

Adventures in the Bathroom

So apparently there are many things about the world of boating that are mysterious to me—even more than I had previously thought. My bathroom has that upstairs-bathroom-dripping-thus-creating-mold-in-my-bathroom experience happening again. Naturally I have pulled out my Starbrite mildew control bags once again. This time I noticed that on the side of the box, where it says “perfect for motorboats and sailboats” and then names of examples of places on boats that it’s perfect for, it mentions, inter alia, “bilge” and “cuddly corner.” Bilge*? That’s not a disease? Cuddly corner? I thought boating was all macho and manly!? Davy Jones’s locker? Dead man’s chest? That all sounds very much like a man thing. But cuddly corner? Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.

The mildew issue makes it difficult to remain in the room for extended periods of time. I am sleeping on the sofa these days, because even being in my bedroom, which is adjacent to the bathroom, can make your allergies go crazy. Plus, I can’t sleep at night with the paranoid thought that I’m causing a health problem for myself.

I will, however, go in there long enough to dry my hair. I had a scary moment the other day when I couldn’t get my hair dryer to start. I clicked the dryer on, but nothing happened. Then I clicked it off, then on again. Repeat. Yes, I’m the person at the elevator who presses the down button repeatedly even though it could not possibly do any good. If you click the button enough, the problem will fix itself. Anyway, I did the on/off routine for a minute, then did the same number on the reset/test button on the plug. Then I unplugged the dryer and did the whole thing again. Then, right after I had looked at my dryer, shaken it, and declared “I won’t let you die on me!,” I realized that I had actually plugged in my flat iron, not my hair dryer. Turns out the dryer is working fine.

*If you consult the Talk Like a Pirate Day (one of my favorite holidays) website, you will see that the “bilge” is in fact the lowest level of the ship. So I learned something new today.

Adventures in the Car
As I’ve previously mentioned, rr and I have the best conversations, or rather, we think we do, but we also realize that others may throw themselves out of a moving car rather than be stuck with us in one for more than an hour. Here are some snippets of the conversations that we had driving around the other day:

RR (on spotting a billboard advertisement for alcohol): Handcrafted by people. I hate that. Crafted by hand. That presumably means not by machines. Or animals. Unless it’s a monkey, or some other animal with hands.

* * *

JLR: Is it Front Page or Publisher that does websites?
RR: Publisher is for brochures and stuff. Front Page is for the Internet.
JLR: Publisher does websites, too, I think. Which one has the P for the icon?
RR: Publisher.
JLR: Well, what’s Power Point, then?
RR: I don’t know.
JLR: It’s a blue P.
RR: Blue is Word. Maybe it’s green?
JLR: Well maybe it’s more like a blue-green.
RR: It could be a blue-green.
JLR: Because Excel is green.
RR: Oh, right.

* * *

This evening rr was flipping through the dictionary, and she suddenly exclaimed “Today’s word of the day is hospodar.” And then she tried to make me guess what it meant. "Would you like me to give you its origin?"

DARTing Around Town
With bar prep classes comes one’s familiarization with public transportation. Sure, I could drive downtown, but I’m not paying $5 a day to park, especially when the train stops right across the street from where the class is. I now know all about the time tables and rail lines of our fair city. I also know about the strangers asking for money and the crazy people choosing you, yes you, to address their comments. Today when I got home I realized that my hair smelled funny, but I’m not sure if I should blame it on the train. Ok, yes, I should. It now smells exactly like the train. Don’t get me wrong, I happen to be a big fan of public transportation. I just don’t want to smell like it.

Anyway, other than the crazy people, and the begging, I am enjoying taking the train. Today, while I was out, I got off the train at a shopping center to try on dresses for graduation. Since the stupid thing is OUTSIDE in MAY, and apparently I actually have to go, I’m looking for something cool. I am thankful for the current empire waist styles that hide the “fat baby,” the extra weight I’m carrying in my tummy, but not thankful for the fact that they sometimes make you look like you are carrying “actual baby.”

And speaking of bar prep classes, I’m beginning to understand the magnitude of the statements made by those students I knew who graduated last year that you’ve never done as much studying in your life as you will do in preparing for the bar. I’ve only had two days, and I’m already at information overload.

I have lost all sense of time or place. Today after class, I told a friend that, and she said, “I know what you mean. I kept thinking today was Tuesday.” I nodded, said “me, too,” and then thought, ‘wait, it’s not?’ After I had the realization that it was, in fact, Monday, I then promptly forgot and went back to thinking it was Tuesday. On the walk home from the station, I had to call rr and ask her how I had gotten home from the train station yesterday, because I couldn’t remember, but I knew I hadn’t walked home. She reminded me that she’d picked me up. She was able to do that because she wasn’t at work, it being Sunday and not Monday. Today is Monday. Today is Monday. Today is Monday. *gah* My hair stinks.

But the good news is, however bad it is, at least I’m done with law school, because grades came out today, and thank you, Jesus, I passed every class, and I will be graduating on Saturday as planned. Yea! Now we can focus on passing the bar!


Amstaff Mom said...

JLR - First off, congrats on finishing!!!! YEA!!!! You did it. Finished school that is. I know you still have the bar to study for (my co-worker is in the same boat (not bilge)).

I've actually heard of the bilge, since we're in a ski boat for the greater part of our time at camp. They have to run that to make sure the boat's not holding alot of water. (I think).

Sorry about the mildew. Nasty. But you're moving soon, right? No more mildew control bags for you!

He he! The flat iron was plugged in instead??? That's sooo something I would do. Wait. You have a flat iron? That must take FOREVER.

I happen to enjoy y'alls conversations, and seem to follow along perfectly. That's a good thing, right?

Power Point is a red P. I know because I've been in it 3 different times this morning and it's only 9:50. sigh.

Ah, Dallas public transportation. I still feel left out that I had to ride the buses home from school sometimes as the rail was only a faint idea. Yes, I've done quite a bit of riding from Mockingbird station to downtown, but it's still not the same. Last time was to the Coldplay concert. The entire rail looked like a Gap ad.

But when you mention the stinky hair, I realize that maybe I haven't missed much after all.


Deals On Wheels said...

Yey! You are done with Law School! LAW school! That's awesome!

Granted, I didn't have to take the bar or anything, but I did have to take these horrible Comp Exams for my MA. You could only take each Comp once, and if you failed ANY of them you just wasted two years of your life working for a degree that you will never, ever obtain. Yeah, no stress there or anything.

Anyway, my “favorite” Comp was the one where anything that happened between 1899 and March, 2004 was fair game for the exam. My "major focus" was in U.S. Foreign Relations and my "minor focuses" were in Russian and Chinese history. Consequently, anything that involved Russia, China or the U.S. in any way over a span of 105 years was fair game. I spent almost three months reviewing the origins of the Open Door Policy of 1899 – twenty some-odd years before China even had a Communist Party. I have a vivid memory of thinking that I'd never graduate.

Anyway, I did. I don’t know how, but I did. So, my thinking is that if I could pass my Comp than you can pass the bar. Tests like these are all about information overload. Plus, I know that you are one of those people that panic and claim that you are going to fail, but then do fine.

Oh, and don't forget - Mildew is not a kind of Mold. The City of Dallas says so, and we all know that they know what they're talking about?! Sheesh!

Ben said...


Also, what would make your hair stink like a train?

jes said...

Congratulations on graduating! Wheeeeeee!!!! You're ALMOST through! Finish that bar exam, and baby, you're TOTALLY on your way.

Lia said...

I love the Publisher debate. It's Publisher that's blue-green, though. Powerpoint is red. With no P in the icon.

Just to clarify.

Congrats on finishing! Isn't it a wonderful sense of relief?