Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Thoughts May Not Be Interesting, But That's All You're Getting Today

I don’t have time to really blog these days (finals, they do so occupy one’s time), but I decided to briefly read steve’s blog

[here was the thought process: praying right now and listening to my “90’s contemporary Christian” station on yahoo! music, oh boy Philips craig & dean, haven’t heard them in awhile, Carman! Yeah, not so much, thanks. Then thinking that I need me some extra dose of Jesus, what blog can I read that will talk about Jesus without pissing me off, hmm, steve],

and he posted about coffee, a topic that will ALWAYS make me stop and read, and I thought, while I don’t have time to really think of something to write about, I do have time to take a minute and just type out my thoughts as I read it.

So here were my thoughts as I was reading this:

(1). *nodding head*
Yes, yes. The answer to "if I make some, will you have some" is always "yes." (Ask my father. I have never said "no." Sometimes I say "better not, I'm going to bed in about 2 hours," but that's always followed by ". . . well, ok.")

(2). Ah, yes, death brew. I am familiar with that particular beverage. Of course, you drink it anyway, because, you know, it's coffee.

(3). Oh. I want a Honda. (jealous)

(4). My stars, I really HAVE become an unpleasant person! (for this comment to make sense, I'd have to explain a whole separate thought process that is not really relevant to steve's post; suffice to say it's referencing an earlier conversation in my head about which you know nothing but which ended in my concluding that somewhere around turning 30 I became grumpy, grumpy, grumpy).

(5). Ok, I’ve done this. I haven’t actually used multiple packs of coffee at a time, but I have used more than the office associates thought was necessary and then lectured coworkers on the proper color of coffee (if you can see through it, it’s too weak! It ain’t tea!).

(6). That was a nice break. I wish it was longer. Now back to studying. So not as much fun as surfing the ‘net. It’d be better if I had more coffee. Mmm, coffee.

(7). Sad. No coffee.

(8). I need to trim my nails. Can’t type.

(9). Grrrrr --- FOCUS!

(10). I hate studying.


Katie said...

pausing in reading to note that the second paragraph (the internal thought process) cracked me up

jes said...

actually, your thought process is TOTALLY interesting.

does one become a coffee drinker overnight? because i am thinking: maybe i should become a coffee drinker.

1. All my friends do it. And I'm totally going to follow.

2. I have a starbucks gift card.

3. I read an article in my fitness magazine that said drinking coffee can help you lose weight.

4. I totally want to lose weight.

1. I don't want my teeth to become all stained and coffee-colored and gross.

steve said...

I feel honored that you came to my blog for some "I need Jesus but dont wanna be pissed"!!

That alone made me smile!

JLR said...

kt: glad that the inner workings of my mind can amuse!

What are you saying about my teeth, jes?

I think you SHOULD drink coffee. The more, the merrier. Actually, though, it's an impossible habit to break, so if you can avoid getting sucked in, I would.

And hey, if you aren't going to be using that gift card . . .

Steve: thanks for having a blog that talks about our Lord in such a positive, relatable way! And also coffee! talking about coffee in a positive, relatable way.

Is relatable spelled right? I don't know how to spell. I haven't had my coffee yet. See, jes, just don't do it. You don't want to get sucked into this lifestyle.

RR said...

You should join us in the coffee world, Jes. But note that we will resent you if you ever try to kick the habit. No one likes a quitter.

Katie said...

ahahaha, it's like JLR and RR are coffee pushers . . . . the first caffeine hit is free but afterward you know you have to pay and all, and jes EVERYONE is doing it, and also how have you not started drinking coffee yet?

Amstaff Mom said...

HA HA HA. I loved reading your thought patterns.

What are y'all? The coffee pushers? I'm totally signing that.

Jes - try the Passion Iced Tea w/ Lemonade. It's delish!

That's what I get at Starbucks lately, as I'm a wimpy coffee drinker. Not hooked. yet.

RR said...

There's a sign for a coffee place in Austin that reads "Caffeine Dealers". I haven't been there yet, but I'd really like to go. It sounds as if they take coffee as seriously as any good coffee place should.