Sunday, October 15, 2006

If No News is Good News, Then I Must Be Fantastic

Nothing interesting has happened to me recently. Well, other than the fact that, almost as soon as I had posted about having trouble making decisions, my boss asked me if I’d like to stay two years instead of just one. I said yes, and I still don’t know if it was the right decision, but I made it, and I’m just going to make the best of it.

I’m settling into my job. The sidewalk I take from the parking garage to my building slants ever-so-slightly, causing me to walk a little slanted, which annoys me to no end. The only part of the sidewalk that does not slant is the part next to the street, but I can’t walk there without banging into parking meters. So everyday on my walk to work, I swerve all over the place trying to find some comfortable spot to walk in. I’m glad there aren’t many people around at that time of the day.

So far, nobody gets my sense of humor. Maybe they’ll learn.

In other news . . . there is no other news. I’m just so boring. Get up, go to work, sit around and research all day, go home, somehow get nothing accomplished, go to bed, start all over again. I really need to manage my time better.

Oh, well, I did buy some shelves at Lowes. That’s something, I guess. They’re plastic. They were $20.

I think my asthma is back.

My lips are quite chapped.

I already had to give away all the Halloween candy I’d bought to hand out because I kept eating it. Except for the Whoppers, which I'd bought because I don't like Whoppers and wouldn't eat them.

I bought an electric tea kettle so I could make tea at work without worrying that the paint used to color my mug was leaching into the water when I microwaved the water for my tea.

Oh, wait, something exciting did happen! I ordered a bunch of coffee from You can buy packs of 5 “k-cups” (coffee servings), and I bought a bunch of different kinds so that I could figure out which ones I like best. RR and I are like a couple of kids in a candy store. We just get so excited when it’s time to make coffee, which is frequently. So far, Gloria Jean’s Swiss Chocolate Almond is our favorite, but the Green Mountain Mocha Nut Fudge (which surprisingly was not all that sweet) goes very well with an Einstein Bros. plain toasted bagel and strawberry cream cheese.

Oh, and my law review article was finally published, two years after I wrote it. The mills of my former law review grind slowly, y’all. I warned them that getting out an issue takes longer than you think it will, but apparently, my warning fell on deaf ears. Oh, well. The issue is out now, and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

So that’s it for me. I got nothing.


Amstaff Mom said...

I get your humor.

I can't walk in a straight line. Especially if I'm walking the dog.

My lips are quite chapped.

I do like Whoppers.

I remember Gloria Jean's coffee! What happened to all their kiosks?

Congrats on your law review article!

Glad to see your new post!!

EmmaSometimes said...

haha. eating Halloween candy. I do the same.

So what you are saying is you look inebriated on your daily commute. That could be funny....

I get your sense of humor too.

Coffee, always good.

Now you are a famous author, even with 'nothing' to write about. :o)