Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Car No-Start Troubles

I love my car, I do. But right now, she does not please me. The car, she will not start. This website suggests that it is probably my battery.


I JUST replaced that stupid battery last year. Both Jes and Deals factored in that evening, as Jes helped my poor cocoa-cola on the battery in the hopes that the battery connections were just corroded. Then she waited with me while rr and Deals and Deals' boyfriend (an all-around "I will do you this kind of favor because I'm just that kind of guy" guy) (and Deals being a "you will do her this kind of favor because it's no trouble at all for us to drive miles out of the way in rush hour traffic to help someone else we are not related to" type of woman) came to help me jump start my car. TWICE. And then rr, deals, and deals' boyfriend all followed me to the car place to get a new battery. A year ago. Batteries are supposed to last longer than that.

I guess it could be the starter.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Two Days Until Casino Royale

SO excited. I have had a crush on Daniel Craig for approximately ten years. Ten years ago I was in college and made my friends watch a PBS mystery with me because I’d seen the first half the week before, and naturally I wanted my friends to see what my future boyfriend looked like. Of course, I do not actually want to meet him, seeing as how he’s An Actor, and a good one, which means he probably takes his “craft” “seriously,” and that would just annoy me lots. But he’s pretty to look at. So when I heard he was going to be the new James Bond, I was sad that now many American women would know who he was (so when we all start talking about men we find attractive, and I say “Daniel Craig,” now they’d know who I meant instead of giving me “Who?” which in the past always confirmed for me that I had no competition on this side of the ocean) (other than rr, of course). But I was happy that I’d get to see him on the big screen, which I had not done since I saw “Tomb Raider” in the theater, and let me just say, it was the only reason I saw it in the theater, but as cheesy as that movie is, I still liked it. And not just because of the scene where Daniel Craig is half naked.

Of course, rr and I like James Bond movies anyway. RR could have done better on her finals her last semester in college if she and her roommate had not spent their study time watching 15 Days of James Bond on TBS, developing their theory on predicting which Bond girls would die and which would live. We have a little bit of trouble with the sexist aspect of it, but hey, it’s fiction. We can watch romantic comedies without yelling “please, that would never happen,” at the screen, and likewise we are willing to watch James be Bond without feeling compelled to throw anything at him and call him names.

Anyway, rr and I have bought our tickets already. DANIEL CRAIG, BABY! We are psyched!


Today, when I went to Starbucks, and my total was $10.40, the barista/cashier did not say "That will be 1040, good buddy." I know that it's technically "10-4," but (1) any opportunity to use CB lingo should not be passed up, and (2) it's a joke from an old Letterman top 10 list (something along the lines of what to say to annoy the IRS auditor).

Anyway, I was disappointed.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's Official!

Today, I got my library card in my new city. I am an official, card-carrying resident.

Oh, and I was sworn in (by taking the.longest.oath.ever.). So I'm officially a lawyer. Last night, I kind of freaked out about it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Smell Like Chicken

Today, RR and I went to our grandmother’s house for our third or fourth lesson in How to Make Fried Chicken. My grandmother makes great fried chicken (natch, since she’s a southern lady through and through). RR and I do not. We are afraid of meat. We like to eat it, but if we cook it, we don’t trust it.

So, even though it wasn’t my idea, and I generally do not like cooking or the cleaning that comes after it, I went along with RR’s suggestion that we make yet another attempt to learn. I thought it would be a repeat of the previous experiences, namely me sitting on a bar stool watching my grandmother, making mental notes that I hoped to remember later. Instead, it wound up being me standing over a stove for over two hours. When it was over, I was so tired of being around the chicken that I didn’t even want to eat any of it (which is also the reason I hate Thanksgiving—I hate cooking anyway, and after a full day of preparing the food, I don’t even want to eat it, so it’s a day full of doing things I hate and not enjoying any of the foods I love). And, also, I smell like chicken. Actually, I smell like the grease after chicken was cooked in it.

I think it’s in my pores.