Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Car No-Start Troubles

I love my car, I do. But right now, she does not please me. The car, she will not start. This website suggests that it is probably my battery.


I JUST replaced that stupid battery last year. Both Jes and Deals factored in that evening, as Jes helped my poor cocoa-cola on the battery in the hopes that the battery connections were just corroded. Then she waited with me while rr and Deals and Deals' boyfriend (an all-around "I will do you this kind of favor because I'm just that kind of guy" guy) (and Deals being a "you will do her this kind of favor because it's no trouble at all for us to drive miles out of the way in rush hour traffic to help someone else we are not related to" type of woman) came to help me jump start my car. TWICE. And then rr, deals, and deals' boyfriend all followed me to the car place to get a new battery. A year ago. Batteries are supposed to last longer than that.

I guess it could be the starter.



Deals On Wheels said...

Trevor also has good connections and can help you save $$$ if you ever decide you want a new car (of the GM family of vehicles, of course).

And it wasn't a problem. Really. Only issue that night was where we ate. I don't handle looking at raw meat well. I can still see it. Ug.

Lia said...

It will get better. Life, I mean. YOu sure have a good collection of friends, though.

Amstaff Mom said...

Wah-woh. And I know it must be getting to you, because you said you were going to "poor cocoa-cola" on the battery.

Is it the alternator? I'm sorry JLR. What a bummer!

jes said...

doesn't the cold weather make batteries go bad, or something? i saw a commercial for a portable battery starter a few days ago, and i thought about the day your battery went out. sad.