Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Smell Like Chicken

Today, RR and I went to our grandmother’s house for our third or fourth lesson in How to Make Fried Chicken. My grandmother makes great fried chicken (natch, since she’s a southern lady through and through). RR and I do not. We are afraid of meat. We like to eat it, but if we cook it, we don’t trust it.

So, even though it wasn’t my idea, and I generally do not like cooking or the cleaning that comes after it, I went along with RR’s suggestion that we make yet another attempt to learn. I thought it would be a repeat of the previous experiences, namely me sitting on a bar stool watching my grandmother, making mental notes that I hoped to remember later. Instead, it wound up being me standing over a stove for over two hours. When it was over, I was so tired of being around the chicken that I didn’t even want to eat any of it (which is also the reason I hate Thanksgiving—I hate cooking anyway, and after a full day of preparing the food, I don’t even want to eat it, so it’s a day full of doing things I hate and not enjoying any of the foods I love). And, also, I smell like chicken. Actually, I smell like the grease after chicken was cooked in it.

I think it’s in my pores.


JLR said...

I should add that I am very grateful to have a grandmother who enjoys spending time with me. She's a great person, and I love hanging out with her. I just don't like smelling like grease.

Amstaff Mom said...

I'm scared of things with bones still attached. No whole chickens, no whole turkeys, etc. I'll make boneless, skinless chicken but not a whole one with gizzards in it thankyouverymuch.

Two hours? Really? I remember learning how to make the rice my grandmother used to make. 3 hours and about 30 bucks later (using lots of saffron will cost ya!) I was too tired to enjoy it.

She's too weak to cook now, so treasure those times with your grandma!

I used to make the deposits for the local Church's Chicken when I was a bank teller. Talk about smelling like grease. The money was permeated by it. I couldn't IMAGINE working there.

dymbme - hey! don't call me a dummy!

Deals On Wheels said...

Next time why don't you two consider taping your grandmother making the fried chicken. That way it will always be around incase you two forget the recipe? I have a DVR recorder you can borrow.

hogmm - ummmm, no. Hog is not yummy. Deals no eat pork. :P

Deals On Wheels said...

P.S. I just realized that I put a ? where I meant to put a . and vice versa. Hmmmmmm...methinks it is bedtime.

jes said...

Yummmmm...fried chicken. I just realized, while reading this, that I've never attempted to cook fried chicken (um, two hours? really? that's disheartening). I've always just been content to grab it from Bubba's.

Can I have lessons from Granny, too? But, faster ones? And that don't make me smell like fried chicken grease?

RR said...

Jes, the reason it took two hours is because we were cooking two whole chickens. And they were big chickens. If you only had about 4 or 5 pieces, it might only take you about 20 minutes plus prep time (did I get that right, JLR?). Of course, this is frying them in a cast iron (or electric, if you have one) skillet. If you had a deep fryer, it might be different.

Mmmm. Bubba's.

EmmaSometimes said...

grandmother's fried chicken is the best chicken on the planet.

Chicken good. Grease bad. Chicken love. Grease me no likey. Cooking in grease..okay, I can't keep this up. I don't like frying either. Frying, me no likey!

Katie said...

i use to work at a summer camp, in the kitchen, that served fried chicken every sunday afternoon

it took me ONE day to notice that on every sunday after lunch those of us in the kitchen would smell like chicken for the REST OF THE DAY

this was funny until someone was standing next to me on a Sunday evening and asked if they were serving fried chicken again for dinner cause he could smell it cooking . . . . sad that was me he smelled . . . like fried chicken . . . hours after it had been fried and served . . . yep it does get in your pores

JLR said...

katie: it does linger so. I made sure to change clothes as soon as I got home, but it just stayed with me.

emma: I do not like frying. I like eating things that have been fried. But I do not like to do the frying. It creates a smell.

Deals: that would have been a good idea. Why didn't you think of that, rr?

AM: I have alot of sympathy now for those poor church's employees.