Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blood Blister. Blech.

I made candy at my parents’ house this weekend—yummy, sugary, addictive candy. I am the “clean as you go” type in the kitchen, so early on in the process I stopped to clean up the mess I had made. As I was unfolding my parents dish drainer, it slipped out of my grasp and refolded itself. It’s happened before, but this time, it snapped some of my thumb in with it. It hurt like the dickens. I hate that stupid drainer. Getting it to work is like trying to change a toddler’s diaper: it involves a lot of wrestling and accidentally holding it wrong-side up, and it’s often ultimately unsuccessful.

I jerked my thumb back and looked at it. A series of events happened very, very quickly. First, I saw nothing, then a small red mark, such as you would get on your skin if someone pinched you. Then I saw a further discoloring, as though the spot were filling with . . . blood. Yep, I got myself a blood blister. At first I just thought it was a bruise and told myself (sarcastically), “great! internal bleeding!” Then I realized that, yes, it was internal bleeding, but it wasn’t going to be an ordinary bruise—it was maroon and swelling.

Like a big baby, I showed it to my mother, who commanded me to put ice on it and then showed appropriate levels of Mom Sympathy. I don’t think you ever get too old to want that. Anyway, I haven’t yet. Then I milked it some more when my dad and my sister returned home from the store. Really, it wasn’t so much that I wanted to be coddled as it was that it freaked me out, and I wanted it to go away, and talking about it kept me from freaking out too much. But still. Big baby.

But it’s GROSS. And then rr filled me in that it may not be just blood: it could also be lymph and other bodily fluids in there. Ew, ew, ew! And now I look down at it constantly. It has now hardened into what looks like a sub-skin scab. It’s definitely that blackish scabby color.

I’m grateful that I didn’t lose a finger or anything that serious, but I am still mad at that drainer.


Amstaff Mom said...

I will refrain from sending you pics of the blood blister my b-i-l received when he shattered his heel a few weeks ago, falling off the 2nd story (Christmas lights). Wow, that was a long sentence! Anyways, it looks about the size of a small silicone implant, but of the blue-black hue. NASTY NASTY NASTY. He had an accompanying clear one that was the size of several quarters stacked on top of each other. OMW.

So, I'm trying to be sympathetic, really, it's just that if it's contained to your thumb, you're really lucky. It could be much worse.

Besides, sounds like you received the appropriate family sympathies.

My sympathies.

JLR said...

AM: thanks for the moral support, but you're right, it could be worse, and I did already receive the appropriate amount of family sympathy. I'm very happy that I'm better off than your brother in law. Perhaps next year, he'll stick to lawn decorations?

The only real problem with my thumb is that it makes it difficult to open my front door (long story, another post), but even that isn't such a big deal.

Katie said...

yech, i feel your pain (well not literally but figuratively, actually not that either)

strike last sentence

Yech, sorry that sucks, hope you feel better (i decided to go with a simple and yet heart felt show of empathy or is it compassion or maybe just the aknowledgement that you got your finger smashed)

Amstaff Mom said...

I'm eating my words. I was trying to make the file cabinet go from "Legal" to "Letter" this morning and it was stuck. But when it finally gave. Unfortunately, my left thumb was BETWEEN "Legal" and "Letter" and the little prongs that hold it in place gouged my thumb royally. Down in the quick, and the skin on top.

Sympathies please.

And no, I do not expect that my b-i-l will EVER have Christmas lights on his house again.

RR said...

Oh, AM! Ouch. That sort of wound hurts .

Now you and JLR can really compare notes.

JLR said...

Katie: thank you for your acknowledgment. It means a lot. :)

AM: I am so sorry! You have my total sympathy.

Amstaff Mom said...

Thank you girls. It still smarts if I touch it. It kinda separated the quick from the base of my nail.