Friday, December 22, 2006

Six Things

Deals tagged me to blog about six weird things about me. I'm not going to. I can't think of six weird things (and note that most of the things listed by those I've seen so far in other people’s postings mostly aren't so much what I’d call weird as they are personal preferences). Also, although I'm always very flattered when I get tagged (someone knows I exist!), I hate having to do them, because they feel like chain letters to me. And finally, I'm not sure that I know six people in the blogworld that haven't already done this. So instead, I've decided to start my own game of tag and list “Six Things That Weird Me Out” (a topic I've discussed before).

Here are the rules: consider yourself tagged if you are reading this and you want to be tagged. You must list up to six things that freak you out, and I don't mean things that you merely don't like or that kind of gross you out or even things that you hate. I mean, things that give you the heebie-jeebies, the screamin' meemies, the involuntary full-body shudder up your spine. If you can't think of six things that come up to that standard, only list those things that do–don't fill in things that only make you mildly uncomfortable. You may add other things to your list to get to six, but you must clarify what things on your list don't technically meet the qualifications.

(1) whole, uncooked chickens. Or as rr calls it, “chicken baby.” Once I was rinsing one under the sink prior to cooking, and as I lifted it to put it in a pot, I noticed that the weight and weight distribution were creepily similar to that of a baby. So now dead, whole, uncooked chickens=babies, and I cannot handle them.
(2) Hot tubs.
(3) Anyone dressed as anything (other than themselves) on any day other than Halloween or to a costume party, including people dressed as animals at theme parks, clowns, and mimes (who, by the way, create in me a strong desire to punch them).* What bothers me is the person's insistence on pretending to be someone else (which I refuse to play along with), and that's probably why I am not bothered by people at costume parties or Halloween: they are dressed as someone else but not pretending to be (and insisting you treat them as) someone else. You will not find me having a discussion with anyone at a historical village for this very reason—we both know you aren't from 1785 , and I absolutely cannot be around you if you keep insisting that you are. Weirdo.
(4) Men driving without their shirts on. Please do not try to explain it to me because there is no valid excuse for this behavior. THERE JUST ISN'T ONE.

And that’s all I can think of for now. But to round out my list, I’m including two things that provoke an equally strong reaction, but instead of a full-body shudder, they provoke intense anger.
(5) Men not just looking but full-on leering out their car window at you. What is up with that? We can see you, you pervert! It’s a pet peeve in general that so many men turn their heads to get a good look at you as they drive by, but the leering, the obvious ogling, that’s just disgusting and inappropriate, and if you do that, you deserve to have your eyes poked out. Because you make women feel gross and mildly violated and victimized, and the fact that you do it from your car as you’re driving by means we can’t do anything about it, you coward. So for that, eyes poked out.

Wow, I feel really strongly about that.

(6) George Stephanopoulos. I don’t know why he affects me this way, but every time I see his smug, smarmy face looking out at me from the television, I really wish he was with me in person so that I could kick him. I don’t know why! I just want him to quit smirking at me. I think too many women have told him that he's cute and it's gone to his head and is now oozing out of his pores.

*I once read something online (probably TWoP) in which the author said that some people create this feeling in him as well, and he thought it was because those people freaked him out so much that his “fight or flight” instinct kicked in. I think that's what happens with me and mimes.


Bobby said...

Stephanopoulos has always creeped me out. And NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, in the same way. I'm pretty sure they're both alien spies pretending to be humans.

Deals On Wheels said...

Somehow I knew that you wouldn't follow the rules...

Amstaff Mom said...

Man, you crack me up.

Lia said...

Good to know you feel strongly about these things.

Whenever I went with school to one of these historical places, my friends and I would always try to get the guides to drop out of character. Sometimes, it even worked.

Don't you ever want to be someone else? And get paid for it? I think it's kind of fun. In a limited way.

JLR said...

lc: I know, right?!

Deals: What are you talking about? I am SUCH a rule follower.

AM: :) Ditto!

lia: not so much, unless you are talking about times when just I didn't want to give someone my real name, but that's kind of different.
I'm glad that you have had some success in getting those people to break character--that takes some doing.