Thursday, January 25, 2007

Always Keep Your Priorities Straight

I have a lot to do right now. I have 9 cases that I need to do research for, all of which involve multiple issues and some of which, nay most of which involve complicated issues. One of the cases is a ticking clock, counting down until our next chambers meeting at which point I will have to explain why I haven’t finished researching this issue that, for the past four weeks straight, I have sworn I was almost done and just needed to clean it up a bit. I really thought I was. But I’m stuck. And of course, I could just say that I’m stuck, but I’m not really made that way. Admit defeat? Never!

What, never?
No, never.

What, never?
Hardly ever!

Yes, yes, a little G&S to start your day. Anyway, I have stacks and stacks of cases to read and memos to draft. So what am I going to do today? Why, I’m going to take advantage of my coworker’s absence to organize her office. It’s killing me.


jes said...

It sounds like you're in desperate need of JD's Chippery.

JLR said...

Oh, dude, that is exactly what I need.

jes said...

When I wrote that comment, I considered driving your crazy by writing this, instead:

"It sound's like your in desperate need of JDs Chippery."


jes said...


Deals On Wheels said...

Oh! I want a cookie!

Currently, I'm trying to convince Trevor to bring me Ali Baba's. I've promised that he doesn't actually have to come inside my disease infested dwelling. Just ring the doorbell, put the food on the stoop and return to the safety of his car, Sandy (yes, he named his car "Sandy"). :P