Thursday, January 04, 2007

Apparently, where's there's Wil, there's way too much free time

If you like Star Trek (or "Star Truck," if you're one of the women on last night's Beauty and the Geek), or if you like TWoP, then you’ll probably like Wil Wheaton’s recaps of Star Trek: Next Generation episodes, from which I take my quote of the day (and as always thanks to E.W. for the link):

Before Picard can offer one of his soon-to-be trademark rebuttal speeches, Q transforms into a WWII-era American military officer, and really lays into Picard about how humans are a savage race that's unfit for tooling around the galaxy in spaceships. Surprisingly, he doesn't transform into Michael Moore at any point during his diatribe.


Deals On Wheels said...

HAHAHA! That's funny!

It is even funnier since Trevor made me watch BEAUTY AND THE GEEK last night (I'd never even heard of the show before yesterday), and heard the STAR TRUCK line. I just love it when I get references like that!

I’d also never heard of EVERYONE HATES CHRIS, which greatly alarmed Trevor. Although it alarmed me MORE that he thought the NEXT Presidential election WOULD BE in the year 2006. Ooooooh, Trevor…

Sara said...

Wil Wheaton is hilarious as a blogger, too. Check out his site at