Monday, January 22, 2007

Gymboree? More like, Gym? Boring!

Ok, so I broke down and joined the gym, as I mentioned in my last post. Who wants to give odds on whether or not I’ll actually go?

There are those people who, having signed up and paid for a gym membership, and have further more agree to let said gym deduct monthly payments automatically from their checking accounts, would then be motivated to go to the gym. In other words, there are people who believe in getting their money’s worth. I am not one of those people.

No, indeed. My motto in life (and rr’s as well) might as well be “meh.” In a way, that’s a good thing. Almost any of life’s disappointments will be met by either of us with little more than a shoulder shrug and a “eh, oh well.” But at the same time, it means that it takes a lot to get me excited about something. So I don’t know that it would motivate me to go that I'm already paying for it. More likely, I would just cancel the membership–provided I could work up the energy.

The only thing even remotely likely to motivate me is the fact that my coworker joined the gym at the beginning of the month, and she has been going consistently. She has already lost an inch off of her waist. It would bother me if we passed each other on the weight continuum, like two ships passing in the night, me on the way up, and her on the way down. But how much would it bother me? That’s the question. Enough to motivate me to pack my gym clothes every day? Enough to make me drive past my house on the way to the gym, knowing that inside my house, my comfy pants await me expectantly? I’m just not sure.

On a gym-related note, my i.d. picture is not the worst I’ve ever had, that honor being reserved for either one of the i.d.’s I had at college. In my first i.d., I looked like I had been recently released from prison. It was very á la Nick Nolte. In my defense, it was the last day of orientation, and I had rolled out of bed and run down to the administration office to take care of some last-minute stuff before heading out of town, not realizing that my picture would be taken that day. In my second i.d. picture, I had actually done my hair, but at the last minute I decided not to smile, so I have this very strange look on my face, and it does make me look a little bit like a hit man (hit woman?). Ok, a lot like a hit man.

So this picture is a little better. My hair is more or less styled, I am smiling, and I do not have a weird look on my face. But the picture is quite pixilated, and despite that, you can see distinctly that my nose looks huge. It takes up about half of my face. I am not kidding. This is one reason why I don’t like to smile in pictures. At least the picture is slightly distorted, so I don’t think anyone will look at it that closely.

Does anyone have any words of encouragement, something that might motivate me to actually get what I’ve paid for?


Deals On Wheels said...

Wait? A gym membership? Won't you, like, sweat or something?


Okay, okay...I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist. I'm still hung up on the whole sweating issue.

Maybe take your "comfy pants" with you and do a yoga class or something once you get there? That way you might go. Plus, you don't sweat during yoga, so it really might be a win-win.

uhgoeefd - ug. go eefd!

RR said...

I can only say that you do like the way you feel after you've exercised. Of course, that's hard to remember *before* one exercises. It's more often that one exercises and then remembers ("Oh, yeah, I like doing this.")


Katie said...

hmmm words of encouragment to work out hmmmm i'm trying here hmmm alas I have none, sorry I choose comfy pants

BUT I will tell you that my college ID my freshmen year was AWFUL and I almost cried when I saw it because HELLO you have to show your id everywhere at that school so everyone would see me and all my awfulness (in fact my roomie said something like this in response to my pic - wow you look kinda like a B$&#* in that pic which is weird cause you're not) but that memory was quickly forgotten when I recieved my passport and DID CRY because I looked like a man, an ugly man, and I was going to have to show this to people in customs and they might not let me out of the country (or worse back in) because I don't look like a man in real life (at least I hope I don't) but in my passport I did, UGLY MAN

JLR said...

deals: yeah, don't mind the sweating if I'm exercising at the gym. I just don't like being stuck in my sweaty clothes afterwards, or sweating when I'm not working out.

I am not opposed to the yoga idea, though.

rr: I know, you're right. We just need to make an appointment to go.

Katie: You are cracking me up. I had to shut my door at work I was laughing so hard.