Sunday, January 21, 2007

None of Your Nevermind, if You Don't Mind

This Saturday, RR and I met a friend of ours at IHOP* for lunch. It was just supposed to be lunch, but we wound up hanging out for about four hours because we hadn’t seen her in at least a year—maybe two. Law school does that to you. It just eats up all of your free time, and anyone that lived farther away than a 10 minute drive just didn’t see me. Anyway, it was so good to see her! Old friends are wonderful, you know? They know all your quirks, and all of your good points, and you don’t have to pretend that you’re anyone but who you are. We sat there for awhile after our meal, but we left more than 20% tip to try to make up for the extra time we spent there, and it wasn't crowded. And the waitress had forgotten to bring us our syrup, so we had to ask another waitress for it because ours was nowhere in sight, and in fact never came back into sight until it was time to bring us our check. And then after she picked up our check, she never came back, and I was so thirsty! So we decided that our welcome had definitely worn off at IHOPO, and we moved on to the Barnes and Noble coffee shop down the road.

There the conversation continued to be wonderful, with us kvetching about everything under the sun. We are all of us actually fun, cheerful women, but we tend to bottle up every complaint or grievance we have until we hang out, at which time we unload on each other. No problem for us, but I can see how it might be annoying for eavesdroppers (who *ahem* ought not be listening) to think that we are a group of Ms. Negatives (I know that the traditional expression is “Debbie Downer,” but I hate that expression so much that it actually makes my skin crawl).

I suppose that’s what the man at the table next to us thought, because as he got up to leave, he put a book on our table—Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude—and recommended that we read it. He then spouted off that he’d heard rr talk about problems with her (former) boss, and that maybe she should try not responding negatively, because that just makes the situation worse, so she should just take a deep breath and respond positively. I said, that only works when you’re dealing with a sane person. He thought I was joking. But rr’s boss was really, really awful. He just . . . I just couldn’t stand him. He lied to people all the time, he blamed everything that went wrong on others and took credit for everything good. He is really almost exactly like the pointy-haired boss in “Dilbert,” including being completely delusional and using words when he didn’t know what they mean. Also, rr doesn’t work there anymore, so I guess Mr. Eavesdropper missed that part. But anyway, rr hardly ever says anything negative to people, but if she did, her former boss deserved it more than anyone.

My point here is—stay out of other people’s conversations! If he thought we needed help with not responding negatively to people, then I just wish he could compare what I was thinking about him with the polite interest I expressed. So there. We tried to keep our voices down when talking, but even if we hadn’t, I just don’t think you’re supposed to interrupt other people’s conversations. I may be overly sensitive about it, but if I am, that’s only because this kind of thing happens to rr and I with unfortunate regularity. At least he didn’t ask us for a hug.

Also, Barnes and Noble is not a library. Do not read the book cover-to-cover without buying it.

In other news, I joined the gym. Let’s just see if I go. On the way home from work, I have to drive past my house to get there, so we’ll see.

*RR, Hils, and I refer to it as IHOPO, as in International House of Pancakes ONLY because of the time we went there, and they told us they were out of waffle batter. Seriously, you can’t add a little more milk to the pancake batter and put it in the waffle maker? I don’t know, maybe not. But we were a little irked. Chalk up one more for Denny’s!


Amstaff Mom said...

Rudeness! Rudeness! Who listens to someone else's conversation and then is BRAZEN enough to comment on it?


Cat and I had food poisioning from IHOP(o) many years ago.

No IHOP for me, thankyouverymuch.

Deals On Wheels said...

"He lied to people all the time, he blamed everything that went wrong on others and took credit for everything good." --> Uhmmmm...he still does all these things. Just, you know, FYI. I didn't want you (or anyone else for that matter) to think that he, I dunno, changed or something!

RR said...

Oh, Deals, I'm so sorry that you still have to deal with him. He's the Original Crackjass (to paraphrase a well-known song, if ever there was, he's one because, because, because, because, because, because of the horrible things he does...)

JLR said...

Yeah, I figured he still did those things, but thankfully rr doesn't have to deal with him very much.

I think if I had to work with him, either my big mouth would have caused me to get fired, or it would have been so hard to keep it all in that I'd have had some sort of break down.

AM: Oh my goodness! Yeah,I can see someone getting food poisoning from them.