Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Supercalifragilisticextraproductive Day

Today I am on a roll, folks. That makes it a good day, despite the freezing temperatures outside. I have stuff that I've been slogging through for what feels like forever, and today, I've managed to get it done. I keep getting to cross things of my list, and I love the feeling.

I should have known that today would go well because yesterday at the end of the day, maintenance came and fixed my desk drawer so that I could finally access my medium-sized post its. That meant that today I would have all of my supplies at my disposal. Office supplies really help.

For example, take my dry erase board. Figure of speech! Don’t actually take it. What would I do without it? I’ve got all my projects on it, but I’m stressed because I have been unable to find the proper sized electrical tape with which to partition the darn thing, and I keep accidentally erasing stuff.

I have to say, one of the things I like about being a lawyer is the fact that so many of us are Type-A or are at least organizational nuts. Not everyone, of course—my boss, for one, does not keep her desk arranged in a way that fosters productivity in me. It works for her, but I couldn’t handle it. And most attorneys I know are more like me. Yes, in the world of attorneys, I hardly ever get weird looks for my goal of developing the perfect filing system. (In my old job this was also known as my secret goal of developing the perfect filing system, because people often really did think I was strange if I told them.)

Several coworkers have stopped by my office to tell me how much they like my recently purchased project folders. I love having people to gush about office supplies to. It’s like in law school, sitting around talking to classmates about the importance of having the right highlighter, and how annoying and distracting it is when the highlighter bleeds through the page, or, worse, when you accidentally highlight in a crooked line, and what steps we took to prevent that. Or when my good friend told me that, in preparation for the bar exam, she went online and ordered a box of every fine point gel pen that she could find, and then painstakingly went through them writing practice essays until she found The Perfect Pen For Use On The Bar Exam. Music to my ears, y’all.

The importance of the perfect pen cannot be underestimated. I have a short list of those pens that are acceptable to me, and from that list, a number of shorter lists that vary according to what kind of paper I’m using and what I’m writing. And for certain tasks, only Sharpies will do, and for some of those tasks, only certain Sharpies will do. I tried for years to find the perfect highlighter, but thanks to another Type-A law school friend discovered that the perfect “highlighter” is not a highlighter at all, but Crayola crayon twistables (the erasable ones are good, too), because they never bleed through the page, don’t distract the eye too much, and are usually removable. I just wish I could sell more people on the usefulness and necessity of owning large amounts of Post-it Labeling & Cover-up Tape. Think about it–being able to remove labels from file folders and then actually re-use the file folder without having to either stare at the icky residue left by the old label or put another label over it? To be able to photocopy a document but first cover up the part you don’t want to copy, and then remove the cover up after making the copy, without hurting the original? Fabulous, you guys.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how the exact right office supply can change your whole work experience, but I don’t want to lose my momentum, because today, I rock.


Deals On Wheels said...

Haha! JLR, you are my hero!

Amstaff Mom said...

where did my long comment go?!?!?


Amstaff Mom said...

OK, trying again..

I found the PERFECT pen a couple of years ago when my mom and I were eating at Olive Garden. I thought that I should write the make/model down, but then figured I would remember. Alas, I forgot and I still don't know what kind it was.

This happened again a couple of years ago at Kinko's, and I could have bought that pen there but didn't. Lesson not learned.

My filing system at work rocks. It's all organized. (for now).

I'm not a lawyer, but I've found that my job necessitates the need for Does that count?

JLR said...

AM: I think that it does count! And it's not that non-lawyers don't enjoy a good pen, it's just that pen-lovers seem attracted to the profession.

The same thing happened to me not too long ago. I used the pen in the store to sign something and thought it was just the greatest pen, and I was sure I’d remember what it was, but then I forgot what it was called and what it looked like. So sad!

deals: rr tells me that your office is similarly organized. Good for you. Anything you can do around there to keep your sanity.

Emma Sometimes said...

Post its rock my socks. So do good pens. What is it with Type A personalities, we LOOOOVE the office supplies. You have to see my favorite site for my office supply fix.

See Jane Work

Anonymous said...

i would have to agree. i am a pen whore. office depot is a dangerous place for me to venture. a good highlighter can be found at a christian book store, it's a colored pencil, made specifically for bibles, with their really thin paper. you should try one

Lia said...

Then you'll appreciate my joy at discovering these. Removable file labels! They really work.

I know that feeling about pens, too. Sharpies sometimes annoy me because they have been known to bleed through the paper, though. But I absolutely must have the right pen, or the meeting minutes won't come out right.

Pencils are even more important. The lead thickness must be just so, the grip must be correct, and the lead advance must be properly positioned so I can keep writing even while adjusting the length of exposed lead. Imagine my pain when I discovered that I had to use only the pencil they gave out at the EIT exam! At least it was mechanical.

And I'm not even a lawyer.