Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Comment and a Link

A Comment:
I just want to say that I'm so glad that my blogger password is something that I can remember. I have taken a lot of flak from certain people in the past because of the ridiculously obvious passwords I used. Ok, but seriously, if I have a lycos email account,* is anyone really going to think my password is "lycos"? Anyway, in an effort to "beef up" security, I have taken to coming up with very random passwords to change all my accounts to. These passwords consist of random parts of words from books open on my desk and random numbers in my direct line of vision (serial numbers, page numbers, whatever). Unfortunately, although you now need some kind of computer program to figure out my passwords now, it makes it hard for me to login to anywhere because I don't have that program, and my memory is nicht so gut. So then when stupid blogger made me switch to the new blogger, I went with an old gmail account I had (for which fortunately I had written down the password), and I was terribly afraid the password would be something like "se78cof*!92" It's not. And no, it's not "gmail," either. It's something from that phase where I was making the passwords more difficult but not obscure. So it's something I can remember if I think about it. So I don't have to hate the new blogger anymore than I already do.

A Link:
I'm still laughing about this old post on Beyond the Pale. It's cracking me up, because it is so like a conversation that might be had, in total seriousness, between rr and myself. I love that other people have conversations like this. I love that as I was reading it, I gave quite a bit of thought to how successful I would be at this activity. I also love the simple brilliance of the premise. So if you haven't read it yet, go read it.

*I just want to go on the record as despising lycos.


RR said...

I'm glad you're beefing up your passwords, even though now you can't remember them. At least you're writing them down, right?

And I enjoyed the conversation at Beyond the Pale. It does sound like a conversation we would have.

Amstaff Mom said...

I just love reading Tracey's writings. Happy you liked my recommendation of her.

Yeah, my passwords are off the wall. Were we designed with the mental capacity to remember so many different passwords? Forget the SAT or an IQ test. The fact that you can get into 500 different websites is the true test.

Emma Sometimes said...

passwords are always fun. I think of a phrase that I like and type the beginning letter of each word. They are HARD to crack.

Use one password for blogish type for banking type things, etc...

THEN get yourself a cool little addy book and keep it close to the computer full of your passwords. It works!

Have to check out the recommendation...and you might want to come by and claim your award.

Lia said...

I have to keep my passwords for all my work applications in a spreadsheet. Which of course is behind a password-protected firewall, for which they make me change the password every three months. And no, we can't reuse passwords. Heaven help me if I ever forget my system password; I'll be completely helpless!