Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Somebody motivate me, please.

I joined a gym in January. I have since gone to the gym to workout a grand total of two times. On neither occasion did I stay more than 20 minutes.

My reasons are multifarious but can be boiled down to a general assertion that I’m l-a-z-y. First let’s take the geography problem, a/k/a the amount of energy required to get to the gym. I have to drive past my home to get to the gym, which means to get there I would have to expend more energy than is strictly necessary to get through the day. Back before law school, I joined a gym that was very close to my job and on my way home. I went to that gym all the time. Now I’ve joined another gym, but I have to put in much more effort to go, not to mention that, in passing my house, the desire to be in my own home acts like a tractor beam, making it almost impossible to go anywhere else by home. So that’s reason #1.

The second problem has to do with energy expended to prepare to go to the gym. I have to find clean and not-too-wrinkled gym clothes, put on the clothes, make sure I’ve shaved my legs that day, find matching socks, find my shoes, and find my gym i.d. That takes a lot of time and effort. I mean, I’m perfectly willing to look like a slob at the gym, but I don’t want to look like a homeless slob. No offense meant to the homeless.

The third problem is the energy I have to expend working out once I get to the gym. On my first trip to the gym, I got on the elliptical machine. I had my eyes glued fast to the timer the whole time, and after about 2 minutes I was exhausted. I made myself go all the way to 5 minutes just as a matter of pride (rr was with me, and she didn’t seem to be having any problems whatsoever), but then I had to give up and walk on the indoor track. The second time I went I managed to go 20 minutes, the effort for which about killed me. Plus, I was bored out of my mind, and although I know it’s self-defeating to look at the clock, my gaze just kept going back to it, while in my head I counted down how much longer I had to stay there before I could leave without embarrassment. Just thinking about how much I hate that stupid machine and how much every second feels like an hour and just how hard I have to work to keep going, I get tired.

So I really need something that will get me to go the gym. But neither paying for a gym that I don’t go to and nor getting too fat for my clothes motivates me, so what will? Well, I know what will, but they don’t have it there. I need a t.v. with cable attached to the machine so that I can watch whatever I want and can change the channel when annoying commercials come on. That’s what I need. That worked for me at school and at the local rec center near where I used to work. The YMCA needs to work on that. ‘Cause then it wouldn’t interfere with my t.v. schedule and it would distract me from the agony of the elliptical.

Does anyone know a gym that offers that?

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jes said...

I'll tell you what you need, what you really, really need...

Okay, that was lame.

But still, I will.

You need one of those machines that has a DVD player attached to it. And then you can watch movies!

Better yet (and what I personally want to do and yet can't justify because of that 3-year gym membership I bought), buy an elliptical to put in your living room. Then? IT CAN'T INTERRUPT YOUR TV SCHEDULE.