Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What Will Blake Do Tonight to Not Let Me Hate Him?

I have to talk about American Idol, just briefly. First, I don’t know why everyone I see on the ‘net seems so down on Phil. His cover of “Every Breath You Take” was pure fabulousity to me. And as for his appearances . . . before you start making comments about his looks, consider how you would feel if people started to dissect your looks on a national level. I say that people are going overboard on this one. So he doesn’t send you. Let’s leave it at that, shall we? Let’s focus on his singing ability.

Second, darn that Blake! I just don’t want to like him. I am not in his fan club. Everything he says rubs me the wrong way for reasons I can’t pin down. So he needs to stop singing (and doing a good job on) my favorite songs. Hands off The Cure, man! I don’t want to have to like you! But I think I’m going to be forced to.

On a completely unrelated note, why does the roof of my mouth hurt? I haven’t eaten Cap’n Crunch lately.


Anonymous said...

maybe the roof of your mouth hurts because you are spouting off at the mouth. that is a joke!!!

I don't watch AI, but If I did, and I don't, I would probably be one of the lamo's judging people by their looks. I'm a bad lady

JLR said...

Beanie--I think it's ok to judge someone by their looks, if the judgment you come up with is "I don't like him" by reasoning of "he looks like a tool [or jerk, or someone who yells at waiters, etc]." I do that all the time. I only get annoyed with the obsession people have with constantly pointing out when they think someone's unattractive. That annoys me. But if someone just rubs you the wrong way--well, you can't help that!

Rhonda said...

Blake is a movement; it can't be stopped.

Emma Sometimes said...

What's american idol. Is that a new church in town?

I'm a dork and tired and making no sense and trying to be funny and going on and on...but I wanted to say hi.


Emma Sometimes said...

Happy Easter!

JLR said...

rhonda--I think you may be right!
Emma: yea! So glad you're back!