Thursday, June 07, 2007

A backward poet writes inverse

I'm not saying it's a good effort (the meter's all over the place), but I was inspired:

Today the words on the non-dairy creamer container
nearly made me choke on my coffee remainders.
It seems the primary ingredient is corn syrup solids
which, surprisingly, does not make it olid

The second ingredient wasn’t much better.
I was dismayed to see those thirty-three letters–
Yes, my plans to be healthy were unfortunately foiled
by partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

I don’t drink coffee black, so I guess I’m stuck
using a substance that’s basically muck.
And from here on out I, I hereby resolve
to not discover problems that I cannot solve.


jes said...

All this, and I have only one thing to say:

I never knew that "olid" was a word.

Thank you for the vocab lesson. ;)

JLR said...

jes--I confess that I didn't either until I went searching for something that rhymed with "solid."

For clarification purposes, the line "from here on out I, I" should just be "from here on out, I."

Just FYI

Not that the correction really makes it any better!

Lia said...

Have you ever tried, say, rice milk? Yum.

JLR said...

lia--I haven't, because that would require me to bring stuff to work instead of just using what they provide. But now I just might have to try it, because that stuff is grossing me out. Not so much that I won't use it, just enough that I feel gross when I do.